My Practice Has Been Limited To Personal Injury Since 1985

My Nashville, Tennessee-based office has successfully handled more than 6,000 personal injury cases since 1985. Most of the 400 cases presently in the office involve broken bones, serious injuries or death. Many involve tractor-trailers and big trucks.

Some of my law firm's most significant cases include:

  • $3 million settlement for a passenger in a vehicle traveling on U.S. Highway 431 in Maury County who was hit by a drunk driver.
  • A client treated for cervical sprain, a hand contusion, and a concussion underwent a myriad of treatments including physical therapy, epidural injections, and eventually surgery. Her case was settled for $260,000.
  • $741,500 settlement for a passenger whose car was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 40 East.
  • A motorcycle accident caused by a company truck that turned left into our client's path. He was thrown from his bike with such force that his helmet cracked and came off. With medical bills exceeding $220,000, the case settled for $550,000.
  • $660,000 settlement for a driver whose car was hit head on by an adverse driver crossing over the center line into her lane.
  • After tripping over an extension cord left out by workers who were authorized to work in the area, our client sustained injuries to her right knee. Her case was settled for $425,000.
  • $1,450,000 settlement for a passenger who was hit by a company truck that failed to yield the right of way and caused a multiple vehicle accident in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
  • $650,000 settlement for a driver who was rear ended by a tractor-trailer that pushed her vehicle into oncoming traffic.
  • A police shooting in Lebanon, Tennessee; the wrong house was mistakenly "stormed" by the police and the elderly homeowner shot to death — $450,000 settlement against the Lebanon police department.
  • $300,000 settlement for a client who was a passenger in a vehicle operated by a friend. The friend lost control of her vehicle causing the car to flip three times and hit a tree.

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