Learning to Fly

Bart Durham

Bart with flight instructor Patrick Dugan - First Solo in many years -- March 4, 2006


I learned to fly in college at Florida State and got my private pilot license in 1954. It was $3 an hour for the plane which included fuel. I would take passengers to help pay for the gas. I finished at FSU in 1957. The weather and law school in Knoxville ended my flying career.

I forgot all about it until March of 2006. I got back in a plane and now it's my total passion. I have over 300 hours and fly whenever I can. I spend some time each week working on an instrument license. I have an interest in airplanes in both Nashville and Santa Monica, California. They are leased to the flight schools in those cities and fly enough so that the revenue pretty much pays for my own flying.

The video below is shot from the back seat of a Cessna 172, landing on One Six Right at Van Nuys Airport, the largest general aviation airport in the United States.