My Love Affair With Ferraris

A car was just a way to get from one place to another until August of 1996. I purchased my first Ferrari: a 1995 355 Coupe, followed by a 1991 348 and a 1982 Mondial Coupe. The 355 Coupe was traded for a 1995 355 Spider. The Spider and the Mondial have been traded in with Ferrari of Houston for a new 360 Spider, red with tan interior. The 348 was sold for me on consignment by Ferrari of Houston. I've never sold my 1994 Acura NSX, the first exotic car I ever bought.

I have a deposit on a red and tan 430 Spider but may have to wait a long time for my number to come up.

I became addicted to the race track. The best part about owning the cars was the friends I made in the car world who had a similar "need for speed."

I joined the Ferrari Club of America, and in 1997, helped found the Tennessee chapter and served as its president. I served as regional director of the Southeast Region of the Ferrari Club of America for two years until 2003.

Our region is comprised of six states — Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the two Carolinas. Michael Charness of Huntsville, Alabama, is the current director and schedules many club events. You can write Michael at

The club hosts race-weekends each year at Virginia International Raceway, Talledega Grand Prix Track, and Roebling Road (near Savannah). We have numerous other events throughout the region.

I've dropped out of club activities and Ferrari racing. My sons Colin and Blair were active in driving on the track but since they stopped going to meets, I have too. I still have the 360 spider. The spider is in California.

It's airplanes with me now for speed. I fly tiny Cessnas.

Bart's 360 Spider

My 360 Spider