My Wrestling Career

One day in the gym about 15 years ago, legendary wrestler Candi Divine asked me if I would be interested in training to be a "ringside manager." I began taking lessons from her and others as well as attending matches. Soon, I made my first appearance managing Regina Hale at the regular Friday night wrestling at the Excalibur Gym in Madison, Tennessee.

The pictures taken below were in the weeks following. Below, I am helping Regina by choking her opponent. The next one down, Candi Divine has attacked me and even pulled my pants down. The crowd got a laugh, but I hated it. How embarrassing!

I have managed in gyms, high school auditoriums and even night clubs in several states. These matches are sometimes televised through the MCW syndication and shown in 100 markets including some overseas.

A "manager" in wrestling is someone who is ringside, like the trainer in boxing. Unlike the boxing analogy, the "manager" gets in the ring and helps the wrestler. The referee sometimes looks the other way while the manager hits his wrestler's opponent with a steel chain or throws talcum powder in their eyes or does some other kind of mischief. I carried a briefcase with big letters "Black Bart" and hit a lot of people with that.

I suffered a concussion in 2002 after being hit by a steel chair at a show at the Exit Inn. I never completely lost consciousness but felt the effects for several weeks.

I'd like to get back in the ring. Arthritis and four stays in the hospital in 2006 and early 2007 for heart troubles have slowed me down a bit.

Bert Prentiss, Tony Falk and Mike Porter are the three biggest promoters and they offered to book me. I turned 74 this past March but still have the fire in the belly. I don't move around as fast as I used to. I love to get some big guy in a stranglehold and make him beg for mercy.

Below at the bottom is a picture of Candi, Little Jeanie and me the night Jeanie signed her management contract. She is an outstanding wrestler. Little Jeanie may become number one.

Little Jeanie has completed a four-week tour in Australia and New Zealand with the "Superstars of Wrestling." Dennis Rodman wrestled with the group on the tour.

teaching Candi

Fighting dirty and choking Candi - she's learning not to mess with me - Regina Hale helps out

Candi revenge

Candi takes revenge and pulls my pants down

Faron Fox

Faron Foxx takes a swing at Candi, but knocks me unconscious by mistake. That's the last time I'll work with him!

Candi school

Candi Divine's wrestling school, here with student Eloise Young

Little Jeanie

Little Jeanie before a match

Contract night

The night Jeanie signed her contract