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My practice evolved like it seems to do for lawyers who work hard, tend to business, and are lucky. A few years later I had my own office. Fast forward to present day and now there are six lawyers and a team of 23 people in the office. Many fine lawyers worked in my office over the years including a current Circuit Court judge in Franklin and a current Criminal Court judge in Nashville.

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A great satisfaction has been to practice with my son, Blair, a tough former Marine with a tender nature and a heart of gold. Our newest family addition is little Adelynn Sophia Durham, born September 25, 2009. She and brother Ethan (already 3) have stolen my heart. So innocent and pure. What kind of world will they find after those of us writing this and reading this are all gone? A good one, I hope.

Blair now works part time as he started his own law firm with a former local city councilman, Adam Dread. That practice is going well for him and he is enjoying the rewards and frustrations of running his own firm.


My older son, Colin, received his bachelor's degree from Samford University in Birmingham in May, 2009. He has been helping since then with catering part time in his father in law's excellent Italian restaurant in Birmingham. The restaurant is Leonardos. Colin is married to his high school sweetheart, Michele, who is a licensed attorney in Alabama.

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Clients tell me their most private affairs. I am treated as a part of their family for the time we are partnered in their case. There are few other professions where someone lets you into his inner life and shows you their soul.

We have a great team of attorneys who help me run the office. Rich meets with new clients. Aaron is a great resource to the staff. Blair stays busy with both his private practice and help with my firm. I consult on the cases but limit my activities to marketing, case reviews, and some management decisions.

In December, 2012, Cindy and I were married at Blair and Kelley's home in Nashville. In June, 2013, we had a second ceremony our deck in Malibu (pictures below). Cindy's mother and two sisters were able to make the celebration.


After a six-year journey, Bart's wife, Cindy, earned her U.S. citizenship and shared what the accomplishment meant to her. Congratulations, Cindy! We are all so very proud of you!

Cindy enjoys a strong passion for singing and has a beautiful voice. She is active with the Yonsei University Alumni Choir in Southern California and recently traveled with them to Hawaii to perform. Yonsei University is a research university in Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1885 and is one of the oldest universities in the country.

Cindy Choir

The Choir (Cindy is pictured front row center) will hold it's annual concert on Saturday, October 8, 2016. Last year they performed at Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. The performance was attended by President Park Geun-hye.


The Korea Daily Los Angles news ran an article about the Hawaii performance. You can read the entire article by clicking here . (You may need to translate the article in your web browser.) I am so very proud of Cindy and her many talents!

Bart's Malibu deck

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I suffered chest pains in August, 2006, while in Malibu. I had a triple bypass in September. I did well until early January of 2007. Since then I have been hospitalized four times and had stents put in on three occasions.

After my bypass I went into kidney failure two days later. The doctors told Colin and Blair I may not live.

Every day is a gift. Facing your mortality each time I go in the hospital makes you realize what's important in life. It's not money or fame or any accomplishments. I know what is important to me now is my relationship with God and the love of my family and hopes for their future.

I am concerned about our societal values and what this means to coming generations. I hope my grandchildren, Ethan and Addy, will grow up in a better world, and I can live long enough for us to know and love each other and I can help guide them in the right direction.

I have entertained the idea of ending my working days as a Davidson County Circuit judge or Criminal Court judge. I don't think I could get elected. It would be fun to go back to a nine to five job again. I'm getting a little bit tired of loafing. I worked twelve hours a day in the old days.

The representative of our web site told me when he made a business call that he heard I was "selling my practice." Not true. I'll be here until I die. You go nuts with nothing to do. I'm still having a lot of fun being a lawyer.

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