Rear End Collisions

If your vehicle was hit from behind by another car or truck on a Tennessee road — a rear-end collision causing serious injury to you or a passenger — Bart Durham Injury Law has the skilled Nashville personal injury lawyers who can help you protect your rights.

I am personal injury trial attorney Bart Durham. I started my law firm more than 75 Years ago to advocate for people like you, and families like yours throughout Tennessee. My firm has been successful in handling thousands of accident injury cases — more than 4,000, to be exact. With my team's wealth of experience, proven legal skills, keen client focus and reputation for results, my firm can help you fight for the full financial compensation to which you are entitled.

Justice Is Your Right. My Law Firm Demands It.

Contact my firm to discuss your rear-end collision accident in a free initial consultation. From anywhere in Tennessee, you can call toll free at 866-468-6603. You will be put in touch with a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer promptly.

If you are confined to your home or a hospital room during your recovery, a member of my legal staff can visit you there. Se habla Español.

Justice Is An Accident Injury Victim's Right — And My Law Firm Demands It

If evidence such as skidding or bad brakes played roles in your rear-end collision accident, your personal injury legal action could become what is called a third-party claim. If the evidence confirms these suspicions, my law firm can pursue litigation against multiple defendants: the manufacturer of the vehicle that collided with you, the manufacturer of the vehicle's brakes, the driver of the vehicle or his or her insurance company for the settlement damage award you deserve.

Relying on the experience of my legal team and independent experts, your attorney will conduct extensive investigation of your rear-end collision to reconstruct your accident and identify the negligent party responsible for your catastrophic injuries or a loved one's wrongful death. My law firm will aggressively protect your rights in negotiation with, or litigation against, a negligent driver and his or her insurer. Bart Durham Injury Law will push hard for the compensation you need to defray lost wages and mounting medical expenses, and alleviate your pain and suffering.

The legal hard work on your behalf is delivered on a contingency fee basis. No attorney fee will be owed unless you recover money damages for your case. This policy allows you to continue with your recovery without the distraction and worry of high legal fees.

Your free consultation with a Bart Durham Injury Law attorney is as close as your phone. Call the firm immediately if a rear-end collision has seriously injured you, sidelined you from your job and hospitalized you for lengthy, expensive treatment and therapy.

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