Attorneys For People Injured In Accidents With Trucks

When the negligence of a commercial driver or the company he or she works for leads to a truck accident or semi truck wreck that seriously injures you or a loved one, you have rights that must be protected.

If you suffered injury or lost a loved one because of a truck driver or truck company negligence anywhere in Tennessee, Bart Durham Injury Law, in Nashville, is the firm to put on your side.

You may be a law-abiding driver of a pickup truck, van or SUV who was struck by a negligent motorist on a city street or highway. You may have been in your car when a carelessly driven semi tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler flew out of control due to driver fatigue or a shifting load.

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Whatever the circumstances leading to your accident, our expert investigative resources will uncover its cause and identify the negligence that harmed you and your vehicle. Our law firm will confront that party and his or her insurer with these facts during negotiations or, if necessary, in a court of law. Our attorneys have litigated aggressively for clients in more than 4,000 cases we have successfully handled.

Justice is your right — and we demand it. Contact a lawyer on our team today. Wherever you are in Tennessee, call 866-468-6603. If someone else's negligence has seriously injured you or a beloved family member, and you are desperate for help, our law firm is ready to help.

We offer home and hospital visits for truck accident injury victims who cannot travel. Se habla Español.

At Bart Durham Injury Law, Justice Is Your Right — And We Demand It

The experienced Nashville truck accident attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law safeguard your interests when you have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, or a loved one has been killed, in a:

Terrible injuries of all kinds and death can occur when a commercial truck or trailer strikes the vulnerable occupants of a much smaller vehicle. Truck drivers are expected to follow strict federal and state trucking regulations to avoid these accidents that maim victims and claim lives. Our law firm holds negligent truck drivers and trucking company owners and their insurers accountable before the law, on your behalf.

As a personal injury client of Bart Durham Injury Law, you will never have to worry about the cost of receiving quality legal representation. All truck accident injury cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis. You will not pay attorneys' fees unless you recover money damages for your case.

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