Do I have a personal injury case?

Nashville Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Lawyers

One of the most common questions we hear at the law office of Bart Durham in Nashville, Tennessee, is if your case has merit. Only an experienced attorney can accurately answer that question.

My personalized approach to each client who comes to our office means that there is no "cookie-cutter" approach to establishing your case. During the initial consultation, I will secure all the information and documentation that you can provide me. Sometimes a case will come to me that I feel does not warrant legal action after consulting with my legal staff. In those situations, I am candid and honest with my clients on their chances of prevailing in settlement or litigation.

At the Law Office of Bart Durham, I recognize that some personal injury cases are more complicated than others. Certain thresholds of liability exist and some laws present obstacles. While my 75-plus years of experience have taught me to overcome challenges that face me on behalf of my clients, there are some cases that just do not warrant legal representation. Your time is valuable, as is mine. It is not in my best interest to waste that time or your financial resources.

In the end, it costs you nothing to visit an attorney at my office to see if you have a case. If you were injured in an accident and you feel that the other party exercised negligence, you should explore the option of legal representation as opposed to going at it on your own.

Hire a competent, experienced attorney. Let the lawyer and his staff do the work. There is enough stress in life without being your own lawyer. Call us at 615-338-6177 or 1-866-468-6603.