FAQ: How The Personal Injury Claims Process Works

Nashville Personal Injury And Accident Death Lawyers

The work that needs to be done toward a successful personal injury claim requires dedication by an experienced attorney, and time. Resolution will not happen overnight, unless you want to accept the quick settlement that the defendant's insurance company offers you. At Bart Durham Injury Law, in Nashville, Tennessee, we are detail-oriented in how we establish a personal injury case.

While our team work shard on the case, we ask all our clients to be patient and focus on recovering from their injuries or the grief from a wrongful death matter. The first step comes at the initial consultation where your attorney will gather the data from you. That can come in the form of information you provide, as well as any documentation you may have.

If the accident was a result of a motor vehicle crash, the site must be investigated by an experienced attorney and an accident reconstructionist. Police reports and accident reports are gathered. If the collision involved a commercial truck, the trucking company must be contacted to both preserve and send us the information we need. That can include personnel records, log books, and the data from the truck's "black box" that will give us an idea of the speed at which the truck was traveling and if there were any dangerous turns or braking.

Depending on the type of injury or the manner of death that occurred, we will bring on experts to provide their insight into how the accident occurred and what could have caused it. The experts will be also asked to testify in depositions or in a courtroom to help solidify your claim that negligence caused your injury or the loss of a loved one.

Hire a competent, experienced attorney. Let the lawyer and his staff do the work. There is enough stress in life without being your own lawyer. Wherever you are in Tennessee, call 615-338-6177 or toll free 866-468-6603 to discuss your personal injury case with an experienced trial attorney. You may also contact the firm by email to arrange a free consultation.