FAQ: What Financial Damages May Be Available

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The injuries you suffer in an accident have a monetary value in a personal injury case. Negligent individuals and companies need to be held responsible for inattentiveness or creating a hazardous environment. At Bart Durham Injury Law, in Nashville, Tennessee, our legal team brings decades of experience in personal injury law and a great deal of insight to the damages that our clients can recover.

The amount and types of damages you can recover in a personal injury accident are based upon the extent of your injuries and the level of negligence that caused those injuries. The more the injuries affect your professional and personal lives, the more damages you are likely to recover. Our law firm has recovered high settlements and courtroom verdicts for our clients.

If the injury you suffered will not allow you to ever work again, you are entitled to compensation for the wages you would have made at your job. Being forced to change careers because of an injury will require vocational rehabilitation for a new type of job. That training costs money and that should be paid for by the party responsible for causing your injury. A wrongful death suffered at the hands of a negligent party means damages for pain and suffering and future lost wages.

While it is hard to pin down a specific amount of monetary compensation or the type of damages you can recover, we have extensive experience in the practice of personal injury law. What you can expect from our firm is to aggressively represent you and defend your rights to get the maximum amount of damages for the injuries and loss that you have suffered.

Hire a competent, experienced attorney. Let the lawyer and his staff do the work. There is enough stress in life without being your own lawyer. From wherever you are in Tennessee, call our offices toll free at 866-468-6603 or contact the firm by email or fax to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.