FAQ: Why You Shouldn't Deal With An Insurance Company

Some people wonder, "Why shouldn't I deal with insurance companies on my own instead of hiring an attorney?" As a team of Tennessee lawyer practicing law since 1975, we can offer you many reasons why it really is in your best interests to get a professional on your side. Here are two of the most significant:

1. The insurance companies are concerned about their best interests, not yours. This is particularly true of the at-fault party's insurance company, but it also applies to your own. Their one and only goal is to make money, not to give any money to you if it can be at all avoided. Some representatives are specifically trained on how to minimize claims or deny claims outright, no matter how much you have paid in premiums over the years.

We are experienced attorneys who deal with insurance companies every day, so we know their tactics and how to get you the true amount of compensation you deserve.

2. Any information you provide will likely be used against you. Again, the goal of any insurance company is to minimize the amount it must pay. To this end, insurance adjusters will gladly use any information you give them to build a case against you.

My law firm can help you understand exactly what to say and what not to say to insurance adjusters. Even an innocent statement about how you're feeling at the moment could be misinterpreted and used as "evidence" that you're not injured as badly as you really are.

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