Attorneys For Workers Injured On The Job

Nashville, Tennessee, Workplace Accident Attorneys

Many assume that the only remedy for a workplace injury is workers' compensation. While workers' comp has helped individuals in maintaining an income while they recover, there may be other factors in place that would result in another type of injury claim. At Bart Durham Injury Law, in Nashville, Tennessee, our attorneys have the experience to handle your workplace injury accident case beyond the realm of workers' compensation.

An employer can maintain high standards of safety and be diligent in removing hazards that would cause a workplace injury. However, there are certain things that are out of their control. Defective machinery or tools can severely injure a worker. Poor electrical wiring can electrocute a staff member. A wall or ceiling that collapses due to poor workmanship can result in a claim against the construction company.

Workers' compensation only covers so much and may not be reflective of the injuries you suffered. You will receive decades of experience to handle your complex workplace injury cases. Multiple claims may be put in motion to secure workers' compensation benefits and personal injury compensation from the product manufacturer or outside contractor that caused your injury. Employers who are clearly flagrant in their actions can find themselves dealing with both workers' compensation and personal injury issues.

Hire a competent, experienced workplace injury attorney. Let the lawyer and his staff do the work. There is enough stress in suffering a temporary disability or a back injury without being your own lawyer. Wherever you are in Tennessee, call toll free 866-468-6603 or contact our law firm by email or fax to arrange a free consultation.