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What's a roof crush and why do they occur?

Long before safety and crash testing started regularly being performed on cars, it wasn't uncommon for a car's roof and support beams to come crashing down during a rollover accident.

Even with an ability to better assess a car's crash rating nowadays, undetected safety issues may arise. The risk of a roof crush is still quite high, especially is a vehicle is subjected to a specific degree of force or struck from a certain angle. The impact that the car makes with other cars and the ground while rolling over can lead its roof to come crashing down, trapping its occupants inside.

Why don't people respond to recalls?

Many people who are injured by auto defects never have a chance to respond to recalls. The defects are ignored or covered up. They only find out about them after the fact, and it's too late.

However, even when a recall is issued before an injury, statistics show that about a quarter of the issues never get fixed. These fixes are free. Why don't people respond? Below are a few potential reasons:

  • They get "recall fatigue." This happens when recalls are common. They're in the news every day. People are appalled at first, but they get used to it. They tune out and stop paying attention. They miss critical recalls to their own vehicles.
  • They bought used cars. They may not have realized that a vehicle was ever recalled -- most people don't track all of the recalls for vehicles they don't own. If the initial owner ignored the recall and just sold the vehicle, that person then gets the issue along with it.
  • Automakers don't know where a car ended up. They're supposed to send recall notices to owners, but cars do get lost in the shuffle, especially after multiple sales. The paperwork goes to the wrong house or never gets sent out.
  • People ignore small issues. They may put off repair work until the car literally won't drive or is involved in an accident, even though all of the signs of a problem where there for months.

Lack of method to track costs of recalled defective devices

Auditors have concluded recently that there is a lack of a method to properly track the costs of recalled defective medical devices. Medicare has already spent billions of dollars on recalled devices, which has led to a "significant cause for concern." Despite this concern, the government lacks a method to track the costs.

A report was released earlier in the month of October by the office of the inspector general from the Department of Health and Human Services. The report came to the conclusion that the claim forms with Medicare do not have pertinent information that would permit the government to track the spending on defective or recalled medical devices.

Plan carefully after a loved one's tragic death

When your loved one passes away, there are a lot of unknown things that you might have to think about. One of these things might be what led to your loved one's death. In some instances, such as a car crash or other accident, you might know that the accident was the cause, but the focus becomes who was at fault for the crash.

You may decide that you want to do something about your loved one's death. A wrongful death claim is one option that you have if the death was due to another person's actions. This might be due to a drunk driver causing a fatal crash or a product manufacturer not using proper safety protocol for items sold to the public.

What is the difference between a co-pay and a deductible?

If you've recently been in an accident, you may already know the difference between an insurance co-pay, and your insurance deductible. However, not everyone may understand the difference and how they affect what you pay for health coverage.

Auto insurance policy limits explained

Purchasing auto insurance seems like an overly complicated process, but we're here to help clear the air on a few things. One of the most confusing aspects of determining your car insurance rates are the limits on your insurance, and making sure you have enough insurance to legally drive in your state.

What is the bicycle door zone?

Riding a bicycle is a lot of fun. You have the opportunity to experience the outdoors, get some exercise and maybe even speed up your commute. This is all in addition to the opportunity to save money.

However, there are a few things you need to know about commuting on a bicycle. Above all else, this is not always as safe as it sounds. Even in a city where there are bike lanes everywhere, accidents still happen. Unfortunately, these accidents can cause serious injury or even death.

Do you know why drugs are recalled?

When you take any type of drug, either prescription or over-the-counter, you hope that it treats your condition in the intended manner.

Unfortunately, there are times when a drug can cause more harm than good. This often leads to a drug recall. Here are some of the primary reasons why a drug may be recalled:

  • It is a health hazard. If it's found that a medication can present a danger to your health, it may be taken off the market.
  • Poor packaging. If the packaging is problematic for any reason, such as complex dosing instructions, it may be recalled.
  • Contamination. During distribution or production, a medication could become contaminated. This almost always results in a recall.
  • Manufacturing defects. This can be related to potency, purity, quality, or anything else that could have a negative impact on the consumer.

What are the most common causes of motorcycle crashes?

There is a lot to think about before you jump on your motorcycle and hit the road. For instance, you always need to be aware of the risks that lie ahead.

While you hope to avoid trouble, you should also acknowledge that an accident could happen at some point.

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