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A surgical site infection is dangerous to your health

A surgical site infection can occur after a surgical procedure, typically in the area of the body that was the focus of the surgery. While most people don't have to concern themselves with this, others realize that it's causing them trouble during the recovery stage.

Some of the most common signs of surgical site infection include:

  • High fever
  • Drainage of fluid from around the wound
  • Pain and redness around the insertion area

Hurt because of defects? You can file a claim

Imagine that you're driving down the street at a normal pace, around 25 mph. You press down on the brake to slow before you make a turn into your apartment complex. As you begin to press down, you realize that the brake isn't working. How could that be? You just had them replaced.

You didn't get much time to think about it, because you crashed as a result of being unable to stop. You reported the incident, and you find yourself at fault for a crash despite knowing that you didn't do anything wrong. You may be the victim of an auto defect.

Transvaginal mesh: Complications are possible

For many years, transvaginal mesh has been used as a means of strengthening the structure of the vaginal wall. While the use of this flexible patch is primarily for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, there are other conditions where it might be medically appropriate.

The primary issue with the use of transvaginal mesh is that it is commonly linked to various complications, some of which are so serious that the patient has no choice but to take legal action.

Do you understand the severity of internal bleeding?

Internal bleeding is a serious medical concern that can impact your body in many ways. If not treated promptly, it also has the potential to cause death. Usually, internal bleeding is caused by a disease, a medical condition or injury.

Internal bleeding can happen in almost every part of your body, with your head and chest among the most common.

Tips to help prevent a fatal equipment accident

Heavy equipment is used in a variety of industries, all with the idea of increasing productivity, reducing the need for physical labor and speeding up the task at hand.

For the safety of the operator, as well as others on the job site, here are several tips that can help prevent serious and fatal injuries:

  • Inspect heavy equipment before use. It's critical to keep an eye out for any defects or damage that could cause the equipment to malfunction, thus resulting injury or death.
  • Practice proper communication. Communication with others (for example, through the use of a two-way radio) who are working nearby is a must.
  • Always wear a seatbelt. It's easy to overlook this safety tip, but it's every bit as important as when driving a motor vehicle. A seatbelt can save your life or prevent more serious injury as the result of a rollover.
  • Follow protocol when loading or unloading equipment. For example, never attempt to unload when you're on an incline or decline.
  • Adhere to all load limits. When using equipment that lifts heavy loads, keep the maximum weight in mind at all times.

How will an auto accident or a ticket affect my insurance rates?

Being in an auto accident or receiving a traffic ticket can cost you more than just repairing damages or paying the fine. An at-fault accident or ticket can also raise your insurance rates. Even just receiving a traffic ticket has the potential of raising your premiums. But how long do these stay on your record? And what are your options for keeping your rates down?

Defective medical devices can lead to life-threatening conditions

The problem with defective medical devices is how quickly they can become a danger to the people who need them. Imagine a child who needs an inhaler for asthma, for example. To get the medicine out of the vial, you must compress it within the handheld unit. If that unit fails, compresses it for too long or the button doesn't depress correctly, the child may not get the right amount of medication. That could lead to life-threatening complications of asthma.

Other types of medical devices also have to perform properly as well. For example, can you imagine what would happen if an emergency medical technician's defibrillator suddenly stopped working? A patient needing the EMTs to correct the heart's rhythm might not get the life-saving treatment.

Sepsis is potentially fatal: immediate treatment is a must

After an illness or injury, people often suffer from complications that can vary widely in degrees of severity. Sepsis is a potentially fatal complication of a bacterial, viral or fungal infection.

Generally speaking, this serious illness occurs when the chemicals released into the blood to fight an infection generate a powerful inflammatory response. Subsequently, the inflammation can result in many changes within the body, with the potential to damage vital organs.

Safety tips for back-to-school season

Even though the heat of summer is still with us, it's already time for kids and parents to think about heading back to school. Between the thrill of meeting new classmates and buying school supplies, there can be a bunch of excitement this time of year. However, the start of the school year is not a time to sacrifice on safety. Here are a few tips to help you and your family stay safe all school year long.

10 questions every patient should ask their pharmacist

Most people understand the importance of having a good relationship with their doctor, but they never think twice about their communication with their pharmacist.

While there are many benefits to taking prescription medication as directed by your doctor, you don't want to do so until you are 100 percent clear of the impact on your mind, body and health.

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