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How to safely trick-or-treat with kids

41.2 million goblins, ghosts, superheroes, and princesses went trick-or-treating on Halloween in 2015. It's a time for both adults and children to dress up, get outside, make memories and have some fun. It can, however, be a dangerous night if safety isn't top-of-mind.

Long term use of proton pump inhibitors linked to deadly side effects

Proton Pump Inhibitors, or PPIs, reduce stomach acid by blocking the enzyme that produces the acid. PPIs are used to help prevent heartburn, stomach ulcers, and other issue caused by excess stomach acid. Some PPIs are prescription only but some are available over the counter. A 2016 study has shown that long term use of PPIs has been linked to chronic kidney disease, as well as other side effects, some of which could be deadly.

Night driving safety tips

Driving at night can be significantly more dangerous than driving during the day. Despite often having fewer cars on the road, the reduced visibility makes it more difficult to see road signs, curves, objects in the road, or other vehicles. How can you reduce accidents when driving at night? Here are a few helpful tips.

Make sure you know all the driving restrictions for your teen

The state of Tennessee has created a multi-step licensing process for teenage drivers. This process allows teens to gain driving experience gradually and learn how to handle complicated driving situations while under adult supervision. Each stage of licensing has certain restrictions and rules that are important to know if you have a teenage driver.

Get a second opinion regarding your defective medical device

If you believe that the medical device prescribed to you or installed during surgery has malfunctioned or is no longer working, it is important for you to seek a second opinion.

Although you may want to schedule an appointment with the doctor or surgeon who originally gave the device to you, going back to the original doctor might make matters worse -- especially if you plan to file a claim against said doctor. Returning to the original doctor could also worsen your condition, especially if they have a lackadaisical attitude about what has occurred.

The stages of grief after a loved one's wrongful death

Losing a loved one due to wrongful death can be overwhelming, stressful and nearly impossible to handle. Let's review the five stages of grief after the wrongful death of a loved one.

Denial is the first stage of grief. You will likely deny what happened. You might deny that your loved one is gone. This is perfectly normal. Denial helps us deal with the pain that has made its way into our lives.

Preventing medication errors to avoid injury and illness

Medication errors are all too common these days even though there is research, training and technology out there to prevent these errors. There are things you can do to prevent medication errors made by your doctor or pharmacist in an effort to avoid injury and illness. If you follow the tips outlined in this post, you should be able to avoid an issue with a medication error.

First and foremost, medication errors occur because of miscommunication between doctors and patients, poor communication between two or more of your doctors, medical abbreviations, medications that have similar looks and medications that sound the same.

Poor communication is often to blame for manufacturing flaws

While there are many moving parts in the manufacturing process that make mistakes inevitable, there are steps manufacturers can take to greatly reduce the incidence rate of problems.

Manufacturers can greatly reduce their risk of producing dangerous or defective products by seeking out the input of more qualified individuals before they start fabricating them. It can be helpful for workers on the front lines to be brought in to the negotiation process for a manufacturing contract. By getting them involved, they can shed light on the plant's capabilities and whether runtimes that are quoted are realistic.

What are the most common signs of tire failure?

It doesn't matter what type of car you drive, you rely on your tires to get you from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner. If you're riding on a defective tire (or tires), you're taking a big risk with your health and well-being.

Here are some of the most common signs of tire failure:

  • Uneven tread wear: Regularly checking how your tires are wearing will tell you if this is a problem.
  • Cracking in the sidewalls: This is a major concern, as sidewall cracks can lead to a blowout. Keep a close eye out for this problem.
  • Bulges: It doesn't matter if it's big or small, any size bulge is a sign of trouble.
  • Excessive vibration: It's not always something you see that points toward a tire defect. If you feel vibration when driving and it can't be attributed to the vehicle itself, turn your attention to the tires.
  • Excessive tread wear: Although tires are expected to wear over time, this shouldn't happen quickly. If you notice your new tires are looking worn after a few months, have your mechanic take a closer look.
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