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These were the 5 largest auto recalls last month

Did your vehicle get recalled in September? If you're not sure, it's important to check. Millions of vehicles get recalled annually in the United States. Many consumers don't realize it and could be driving around in faulty vehicles.

Following are the five largest recalls in September:

  1. The Ford 150: Ford was forced to recall 1.6 million of its popular pickup trucks that were made between 2015 and 2018. The reason is that the seat belt pretensioners in the front could cause a fire during an accident.
  2. The Honda Accord and Honda Insight: This recall impacted 232,000 vehicles. The Accords were from 2018, while the Insights were the new 2019 model. Backup camera displays were not working properly.
  3. Infinitis and Nissans: This recall impacted multiple models of both brands. The issue was leaking pumps for the brakes. In total, 215,000 Muranos, Pathfinders, Maximas and QX60s were recalled.
  4. Ten models from GMC, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac: It's never good when so many different vehicles are impacted by the same problem. It turns out that the brake caliper pistons for the rear wheels often don't have the proper coating. A total of 210,600 vehicles were recalled.
  5. The Toyota Prius Hybrid: The popular compact car saw 192,000 vehicles recalled. The 2016 through 2018 model years were impacted by an issue where the engine wire harness creates a fire hazard.

How often do doctors make the wrong diagnosis?

An incorrect diagnosis can change your life forever. Your ailment can steadily get worse as it goes untreated. You can suffer through treatments that you never needed. For time-sensitive issues -- cancer, bleeding on the brain, a blockage in your heart -- a treatable ailment can even turn fatal.

How often does this happen? How worried should you be?

6 examples of a potential wrongful death case

Most people who are looking to file a wrongful death case have never done so before. This is a brand new experience, and it's a traumatic one at that. They're not sure how to proceed or even if they have a case.

If this is where you stand, take a look at these examples of potential cases:

  1. Your loved one passed away in a motor vehicle accident because another driver was reckless or negligent.
  2. Your loved one died due to medical malpractice when they did not get proper care.
  3. Your loved one died because they used a dangerous, defective product that failed to keep them safe under normal operation.
  4. Your loved one passed away due to exposure to hazardous substances or conditions in the workplace.
  5. Your loved one died during a supervised activity, such as playing high school sports.
  6. Your loved one was killed as the result of criminal behavior.

Drugs that look or sound similar can cause serious problems

Packaging issues can cause serious problems when using potent medications. Many patients and even healthcare professionals may be unaware of what drugs they are actually taking or how much they need.

For instance, a drug named heparin was accidentally given out in high amounts to pediatric patients. The packaging and labeling was later deemed to be misleading, which caused professionals to give these babies the incorrect dosages. Tragically, three of the infants passed away as a result.

Lawsuit in Tennessee alleges car transmission defect

Accidents happen on the roads of Tennessee all the time, and they are usually resolved easily between drivers even when damage or injury has occurred. Sometimes one of the drivers will be liable for causing the crash, and the maker of a car may be at fault on rare occasions as well.

A Tennessee man is alleging in a recent lawsuit that his sedan should have been recalled for repairs or replacement long ago because of a design flaw. The plaintiff is hoping to bring a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer to correct the shaking, shuddering, noisemaking and engine failure due to faulty transmissions or transmission parts.

Why do more car accidents occur in the evening?

Car accidents are not rare, and statistics show that night driving is much more dangerous than driving in during the day.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is an increase in fatal crashes, and crashes in general, after the sun goes down. What makes night driving so dangerous and how can you combat the danger?

Car accident with an uninsured driver? What to do now

Picture this: You were just in a car accident with another driver, and you find out that they do not carry auto insurance. While almost all states in America require drivers to carry insurance, many people do not.

According to the Insurance Information Institutes latest records, 13 percent of drivers do not have car insurance. What do you do now? If the accident is their fault, who pays for the damages?

5-year anniversary of fatal church bus, SUV, truck collision

Five years ago, on Oct. 2, 2013, a horrific highway collision occurred in Jefferson County when an out-of-state church bus blew its tire and crashed near the split of I-40 and I-81.

Six residents of a North Carolina senior citizens group aboard the bus were killed, along with two individuals in other vehicles. The bus was traveling back to North Carolina after the Front Street's "Young at Heart" group members went to Gatlinburg for a Christian conference. Members ranged in age from 62 to 95.

Hands-free calling: not as safe as you might think

Distracted driving has become a growing concern on U.S. roads in recent years. Any activity that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel or your attention away from driving is considered a form of distracted driving. Eating a hamburger or turning around to reprimand your kids in the back seat are some types of distracted driving. However, in this day and age, one of the most prevalent forms of distracted driving involves cell phone use.

Our phones are now smarter than ever, and they’re with us wherever we go. You can call, text or check your notifications on social media anytime. This opportunity for unlimited connectivity provides real temptation when driving.

Tips for preventing drug errors

Drug errors occur all too often in hospitals, at the doctor's office and in the pharmacy. Patients can only do so much to prevent these errors. The rest must be done by doctors and pharmacists to ensure that their patients are prescribed the correct medication and dosage so that injuries and illnesses do not occur. Here are some tips for preventing drug errors.

The first thing you can do to prevent a drug error is listen to the nurse or doctor as they read your information to you. Make sure they say your name correctly and your date of birth. If you have drug allergies, make sure they list the allergies before accepting any medications.

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