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Wrongful death cases do not need a criminal conviction

In some instances, when illegal actions lead to someone's death, a criminal conviction may follow. However, a criminal conviction is not necessary for surviving family members to win a civil wrongful death case against the party at fault for their loved one's death.

For instance, perhaps a doctor was negligent and the improper care led directly to the death of a loved one. It appears that the doctor's actions were illegal and perhaps even intentionally harmful.

Regulations protecting children from small parts

As any parent knows, young children like to put everything they can find in their mouths. This is especially common in children under one year of age, but it can continue after that. It takes parents months or years to teach children not to do this.

The risk, then, is that anything with small parts can become a serious choking hazard. When you see the age ratings on certain toys, they do not usually refer to the ages at which a child will enjoy or appreciate that toy. They refer to the age at which that toy becomes safe for the child.

Can you tell if you have bad brake pads?

Modern brake pads use friction to slow and stop your car. When you press the pedal, the pads themselves make contact and reduce the speed. This means that they slowly wear down over time and need to be replaced.

This leaves you open to some risks. If your brake pads wear down too far, they can become less effective. If you get a defective set when you have yours changed out, they may not work as well as you need them to. How can you tell if they're not working properly?

Accidents: The fourth leading cause of death in America

Medical issues are the top causes of death in America. It all starts with heart disease at the top of the list, followed by cancer. In third place are respiratory diseases. Even with modern healthcare, this trio still leads to more deaths than anything else.

That does give you some feeling of control. You can lower your chances of heart disease with clean eating. You can lower the odds of skin cancer by limiting sun exposure. You can lower the odds of respiratory issues by refraining from smoking. While you cannot eliminate the risks entirely, you can help to some extent.

The most common negative side effects from medications

Whenever you start a new medication, you want to know that it is safe. You want to know what the side effects look like. You want to know how it is going to impact your life.

Examining a list of medications and potential side effects can absolutely help, showing you the most likely outcome. What you'll find is that many drugs tend to have nausea as the most common downside.

You have one year to file lawsuit after a car accident

Sadly, it’s an occurrence that is not uncommon: one driver doesn’t see another driver and an accident ensues.

On Oct. 25, Albert Frazier of Del Rio, Tennessee turned his 2015 Kia Soul into the path of Jacob Coggins’ vehicle on East Highway 25/70. Frazier admitted he didn’t see Coggins. Frazier was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The Takata airbag recalls are not over yet

When the Takata airbag recalls were in full swing back in 2016, it was hard not to hear about them. Since then, the issue has fallen out of the public eye to some degree. However, experts note that the recalls are not over yet, and they may not be for years. It is important for people to continue paying attention to the developments.

All told, about 50 million vehicles with the problematic airbag inflators got recalled. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) thinks that only around 60 percent of those vehicles have already been repaired.

How likely are you to get into an auto accident?

Davidson County is one of the most populated areas in Tennessee. With more people per square mile on the roads, it stands to reason that you have a higher chance of being in an accident.

Last spring, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security released accident statistics by county from 2013 to 2017. In most categories and in most years, Nashville and Davidson County led the way:

  • Between 2013 and 2017, Davidson County had an average of 444,521 licensed drivers. You were more likely to be involved in an accident, or in an accident with injuries, in this county than in any other in Tennessee.
  • However, the number of accidents resulting in fatalities was very low. Davidson County ranked 83rd of all 95 Tennessee counties in the rate of fatal crashes.
  • The county had an average of 23,735 motorcycle licenses between 2013 and 2017. In that time, there were 331 motorcycle crashes, ranking the county fourth in the state.
  • Davidson County saw only 661 alcohol-related crashes between 2013 and 2017 resulting in 19 fatalities, putting the county well below the state average.
  • Things aren’t so rosy when it comes to speeding. The county saw 1,366 crashes as the result of speeding for a rate of 3.07 percent, ranked first in the state.

Be wary of dangerous Halloween costumes

Halloween can be one of the most fun times of the year! There's trick or treating, costume parties, pumpkin-carving, house decorations and lots of treats. Regardless of how you celebrate, make safety a priority to prevent injuries this Halloween.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges consumers to stay safe this Halloween. They want to remind parents that sometimes store-bought Halloween costumes can have design or manufacturing flaws that can cause injuries to trick-or-treaters.

What do you know about this cold weather hazard?

As we get closer to Halloween, the days are growing shorter and the temperatures cooler. Nashville residents are using heaters and fireplaces for the first time since last winter -- and that can pose significant safety hazards.

Are you aware that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning annually claims over 150 lives in America? It's particularly dangerous because CO is invisible and odorless. Some consumers are exposed to it through faulty heaters that they purchased to get them through the cold weather.

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