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Nashville songwriter in court after high speed car accident

A Nashville songwriter was recently convicted of manslaughter for causing a high speed car accident outside of Cincinnati. The songwriter was driving a turbocharged Mustang last October at speeds of 154 mph in the emergency lane of a highway near Cincinnati. The man said that he was speeding because he was in a hurry to get back to Nashville.

Teen driving restrictions not as effective in reducing car accidents

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teen drivers in Nashville and around the country. Most of these car accidents are attributable to the inexperience of teen drivers who may fail to exercise the judgment of their adult counterparts. In order to combat the number of tragic teen car accident deaths many states have adopted graduated drivers licenses which ease driving restrictions as teens get older.

Deadly truck accident spurs call for a ban on truck driver cellphone use

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended a prohibition against cellphone use by truckers this Tuesday. The recommendations against commercial driver cell phone use come after a hearing concerning one of the most deadly truck accidents in the country. The accident happened last spring when a semi-truck hit a passenger van head on and killed 11 people. The truck driver was likely distracted by a phone at the time of the crash, the board found.

Motorcycle accident prompts amazing bystander rescue

Unfortunately, many of the motorcycle accidents covered on this blog are fatal. Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable motorists on Nashville roads and frequently suffer traumatic injuries upon being thrown from their bikes. Residents in Nashville and around the country were surprised by one motorcycle accident after video of the rescue effort was picked up by news stations around the world.

Are Nashville students at risk during school bus accidents?

Nashville school children recently started the school year and some safety advocates say that these children are at risk for personal injury during the commute to and from school. Most large school buses do not have seat belts, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has repeatedly dismissed calls for seat belt use on buses. Some safety advocates say that this sends the wrong message to students and places then at unnecessary risk of harm during a school bus accident.

Police say Nashville woman was drunk during fatal car crash

Too many people die in Nashville drunk driving accidents every year. While it is possible for a serious car crash to happen the first time that someone drives while intoxicated, it is much more common for a driver to habitually drive while  intoxicated for a long time before a fatal crash occurs. Although a driver can make it home safe while drunk many times before crashing, the driver still creates an unnecessary risk of death and personal injury for innocent motorists and pedestrians.

Tennessee trooper dies in Nashville motorcycle accident

In our last post we discussed the reflections of country star Casey James about a motorcycle accident that he was involved in several years ago. James said that the motorcycle accident made him realize how precious life was and caused him to become more appreciative of life. Although celebrities like James are involved in Nashville motorcycle accidents and survive, it is more common for average Nashville residents to be involved in crashes. Unfortunately it is also common for motorcycle crash victims to not survive.

Motorcycle accident causes Nashville star to reevaluate life

Motorcycle crashes impact Nashville residents of all walks of life. Although most of the motorcycle crash victims discussed on this blog are typical residents, there are many high profile motorcycle crash victims as well. One of these celebrity crash victims is Casey James, the country singer who placed third on American Idol's ninth season.

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