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November 2011 Archives

Remember to wear your seat belt this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks one of the busiest travel periods of the year for Nashville area communities. The increased amount of traffic to family gatherings and Black Friday shopping events means that the possibility of car accidents is also increased. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a reminder that the best way to avoid suffering severe personal injuries or death during a car accident is to wear a seat belt.

15 injured in Nashville bus accident

People use public transportation for a variety of reasons. Some people use local buses because they want to help protect the environment. Others assume that the morning commute will be safer on a bus because buses are less frequently involved in traffic accidents than cars. Although buses are generally safer than passenger vehicles, bus accidents do occur occasionally. Personal injuries from bus accidents may also be more wide ranging because buses carry significantly more passengers than the typical vehicle.

Fatal I-440 car accident may be the result of aggressive driving

A car accident is an event that can be devastating to a Nashville resident. A car accident can result in catastrophic personal injuries, massive medical expenses and leave victims in constant pain and suffering. Those impacted by car accidents have the right to file personal injury lawsuits against all responsible parties. A personal injury attorney can help hold a negligent driver accountable for his or her actions and obtain all of the compensation that a car accident victim is entitled to.

Veteran car accidents: causes and solutions

Last week we discussed the very serious problem of fatal car accidents involving Nashville veterans. Some veterans are twice as likely to die in a car accident than the general population. There are many causes of veteran car accidents including the propensity of veterans to speed, the failure of many veterans to wear seat-belts, and the anxiety that many veterans experience while driving.

Rodney King pleads not guilty to drunk driving

Drunk driving accidents are one of the most tragic occurrences in Nashville. Although most car accidents are the result of bad driving habits, drunk driving is especially egregious because it is well known that alcohol dramatically inhibits a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle. Drunk drivers are not only a danger to themselves but threaten the entire community. Anyone can become the victim of a drunk driving car accident and many times an intoxicated driver walks away from a crash with only a scratch or two while an innocent motorist or passenger is killed.

Car accidents are the leading killer of returning veterans

The suicide rate among returning veterans has been well documented but it turns out that returning veterans are more likely to die from car accidents than suicides during the first year after they return from war. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Veterans Affairs Department indicate that veterans are more likely to be involved in fatal car accidents than the average civilian. The statistics also indicate that the likelihood that a veteran will be involved in a fatal accident depends on which war the veteran was involved in.

Paralyzed man sentenced for fatal DUI car accident

We have covered many serious drunk driving car accidents in previous posts. Drunk driving accidents are a problem in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. Intoxicated drivers are usually aware of the dangers that drinking while driving can pose and choose to drive anyway. These bad decisions result in the unnecessary deaths of countless Tennessee residents and continue to provide the basis of wrongful death lawsuits throughout the state.

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