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North Nashville crash injures seven

At least seven people were injured after a bizarre evening ended with a severe car accident. The crash happened at the intersection of Westchester and Devonshire Drive in North Nashville around 7:15 p.m. last night. Authorities say that a white Toyota Camry flew off of Devonshire and hit a SUV that was driving on Westchester. The Camry had caught the attention of authorities earlier in the evening because it had taken off during a traffic stop.

Liability issues uncertain in I-24 bus and truck crash

Yesterday we discussed the serious bus and truck accident which happened on I-24 in Rutherford County. There are many instances in which truck and bus accidents result in serious personal injuries and fatalities, but in this case the bus driver was able to keep the bus from flipping into a nearby ditch.

Truck hits Nashville-bound bus on I-24

Truck driver negligence is attributable to many serious accidents in the Nashville area. Trucks are much more dangerous than passenger vehicles because of their greater size and weight. The greater size of a truck also means that truck drivers should exercise more caution while driving at highway speeds because they cannot brake as quickly.

Stricter teen driving laws may save lives and money

In our last post we discussed a car accident in which a 17-year-old driver lost control of his car in Brentwood. This was just one of many recent area car accidents attributable to inexperienced teen drivers. Car accidents are the leading killer of Nashville area teens and safety advocates say that lax laws may to be blame for the around 2,000 unnecessary car accident deaths attributed to teen drivers every year.

NFL coach to the rescue in Tennessee car accident

A NFL coach became a hero on Sunday when he stopped to render aid to victims of a serious car accident in Brentwood. Jeff Fisher, the former longtime coach of the Tennessee Titans, was the first person on the scene of the early-morning car accident. The accident was a single-vehicle crash in which a teen driver lost control and hit a pole. The vehicle flipped, ejecting a 13-year-old passenger.

Shelbyville man arrested for sixth DUI while speeding at 100 mph

Last week we covered the fact that there was already a drunk driving car accident within hours after the start of 2012. Drunk driving is a pervasive problem in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. Many people suffer severe personal injuries in DUI crashes every year and yet the number of drunk drivers on area roads continues to remain shockingly high.

Nashville police officer recovering after car accident

Unfortunately, many Nashville car accidents involve those who are tasked with keeping our community safe. One Nashville area police officer was struck by a motorist on Murfreesboro Pike last Saturday as he attempted to direct traffic around another accident at 5:30 a.m. The officer had on a bright yellow police vest so that he was visible to other motorists but he was struck anyway by an Antioch man.

Clarksville, Tennessee sees DUI crash and arrest

It appears that Clarksville has already had its first drunk driving car accident of the year. The impact of alcohol on driving ability is well-known and virtually undisputed, but people continue to drink and drive around the holidays. Authorities say that the first Clarksville DUI crash happened shortly after midnight on Tuesday when a Fort Campbell man crashed his car by the intersection of Tiny Town Road and Allen Road.

Injuries reported after MTA bus crashes in downtown Nashville

Three people were reported injured after a Metropolitan Transit Authority bus was involved in an accident around 10 a.m. in downtown Nashville. Authorities say that this morning's crash happened at 9th Avenue North and Church Street and that three of the bus passengers were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

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