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May 2012 Archives

Commercial bus companies shut down for safety violations

Authorities from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shut down the operations of over two dozen commercial bus companies this week due to serious public safety hazards. The companies were ordered to completely cease all operations, including ticket sales. About 233 bus routes will be affected.

DUI checkpoints over Memorial Day in Tennessee

DUI checkpoints will be set up around Tennessee to help increase safety for drivers over the summer. The effort will focus on the Memorial Day weekend, which is considered the start of the summer driving season. More vehicles will be on the road this summer, and holiday weekends are typically associated with an increase in drunk driving.

Hidden hazards lurk behind many popular cars

Nashville drivers may be surprised to find out that their cars, trucks, and SUVs aren't equipped with what many see as a crucial safety feature. Backup cameras have become more common in luxury vehicles in recent years, but are still absent as a required safety feature despite the high rate of avoidable back-over accidents that happen each year.

Researchers seek ways to prevent traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries can be very difficult to treat because the brain is one of our slowest healing organs. Many patients who have suffered from brain injuries in the past spend many years pursuing rehabilitation to regain functionality that they have lost, and the process if often long and arduous. This is why researchers are looking at some prevalent and severe types of brain injuries - concussions - and examining ways to prevent them from happening.

Falsified records lead to prison sentence in truck accident case

A federal judge sentenced a truck driver to 18 months in prison in connection with a 2009 multi-vehicle truck crash. The man pled guilty last year to charges related to the crash and to falsified log books. Regulators and prosecutors discovered that the man was driving his truck when federal law required him to be resting, leading to a serious accident that injured one person and killed another.

Players continue to pursue justice in NFL brain injury lawsuits

Over 1,500 former professional football players have taken part in various lawsuits against the National Football League. The players are saying that the league knew about the significant potential for long term and permanent damage to player's brain as a result of repeated concussions, but did not properly inform or protect the players. Many are also alleging that NFL standards for treating concussions and other head injuries during games did not provide sufficient treatment or care, which also led to long term brain injuries.

Fatal accidents increase by 13 percent in Tennessee this year

There has been startling 13 percent increase in fatal car accidents in Tennessee this year. Over 331 people have died on Tennessee roads since January 1, and safety officials are concerned. Previous years have seen incremental declines in car accident rates, and many have been shocked by the sudden increase.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Many Nashville residents may be excited for the summer biking season to break out their motorcycles and hit the road. While the warm weather might encourage people to take their motorcycles out instead of their cars, it's still important to have an eye on safety when heading onto the open road.

Mock car crash shows Nashville teens consequences of drunk driving

Nashville area high schools are working hard to show their students the real consequences of drinking and driving on prom night. Schools in this area and all over the country often use mock car crashes to show students a realistic representation of what can happen if they choose to drive drunk.

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