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Excessive speed and road design contribute to fatal accident

Throughout the state of Tennessee, there are stretches of roads and highways known as being dangerous. Hilly terrain and twists and turns in road design often contribute to car accidents as speeding or inattentive drivers lose control of their vehicles and crash into other cars.

Twenty injured, two seriously in TN school bus accident

With Tennessee schools back in session, each school day thousands of students across the state rely on school busses to get to and from school. While typically safe, when a school bus is involved in an accident the risks for multiple and serious injuries is far greater. A Tennessee school bus was recently involved in an accident that resulted in the injury of 20 high school students. The school bus accident happened around 6:00 p.m. while the children were being transported home from school.

Tennessee town votes to take down traffic cameras

Across the nation, in an effort to curb traffic violations and prevent car accidents, many communities have erected traffic cameras. Many citizens, however, are opposed to traffic cameras believing they violate an individual's privacy and allow government undue access to citizen's private lives.

Many parents fail to properly restrain children

Since the wide adoption of their use, child seats have helped save hundreds of thousands of children's lives. When a car accident occurs, it's often the youngest passengers that are most vulnerable to suffering severe injuries. However, despite recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, many parents fail to comply with child seat and booster seat laws.

Study questions effectiveness of driving and texting bans

In recent years, there have been several news stories about the dangers texting and driving poses. As a result, 38 states, including Tennessee, currently have laws banning texting while driving. While few would argue that it is indeed dangerous to text while driving and is a factor in many car accidents, to date there is little to no statistical evidence to support the effectiveness of texting bans.

Son's death in car accident not covered as bodily injury

Any parent that looses a child likely experiences feelings of profound loss and sadness. While the emotional distress that stems from this type of tragedy does not directly cause physical or bodily harm, ensuing health conditions related to stress and depression do. This is the stance that two Tennessee parents presented to the Tennessee Supreme Court in regards to a lawsuit they filed after losing their son in a fatal car accident.

Tips to temper rage and aggression while driving

Many drivers across the country and in states like Tennessee, have likely witnessed overly aggressive drivers. Fueled by what has come to be known as road rage, these drivers often engage in dangerous and aggressive driving practices that endanger the lives of everyone on the road. Car accidents caused by tailgating, speeding and cutting in and out of lanes are classic examples of the dangerous driving practices associated with road rage and aggressive driving.

Tennessee officials strive to decrease fatal car accidents

During 2011, 946 individuals lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents on Tennessee's Interstates, highways and roads. While this number may seem high, it was actually the lowest recorded in the state since 1963. To date, for 2012 the number of individuals killed in fatal car accidents in the state stands at 633.

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