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Two-car accident leaves one Tennessee woman dead

Car and truck accidents in which a driver fails to yield are amongst the most common. These types of car accidents often result in those drivers and passengers involved sustaining injuries that may require hospitalization. In some cases, individuals involved in these types of car accidents may sustain serious injuries that result in death.

Genes factor in how individuals feel pain after car accident

Individuals involved in car accidents often suffer a variety of physical injuries. Even those who are not seriously injured, many experience persistent pain that is not seemingly attributable to any medical cause. While many of these individuals where previously accused of imagining the pain or embellishing their symptoms, new research indicates there may be a genetic factor for how individuals tolerate and feel pain.

Speeding, erratic Tennessee driver causes eight-car pileup

Drivers who chose to engage in aggressive and reckless driving behaviors put themselves and everyone else on the road in danger. Eight cars were recently involved in a car accident pileup that resulted when a driver who was driving erratically and at an excessive speed sideswiped several vehicles before eventually crashing.

Study identifies 10 most helpful tools for older drivers

For many years, traffic safety advocates in Nashville and throughout the country have debated elderly drivers. The debate has centered on whether the driving privileges of older drivers should be revoked at any specific time, and who should be the ones to decide when that time has come.

Woman guilty for DUI crash sentenced to 50 years

A woman was driving drunk in Lebanon in July 2011, when she rear-ended several vehicles at the intersection of East High and Cedar streets. One man was paralyzed, another killed, as well as that man's grandson, aged four. According to Lebanon police, the woman's blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit at the time of the crash, an absolutely astounding fact. She had also apparently been travelling at 60 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone.

Truck driver and trucking company sued for negligence

A jury trial has been requested in a case in which a man is suing a truck driver and the trucking company at which he is employed. The lawsuit stems from injuries the Tennessee man sustained after being involved in a truck accident in which he asserts the defendants were negligent.

Two fatal Tennessee car accidents claim four lives

Motor vehicle accidents in which the driver or passengers lose their lives are always tragic. Residents of one Tennessee county were recently plagued by tragedy when, within a matter of hours, two separate car accidents resulted in four fatalities.

Parents play vital role in teens' driving behaviors

Most Tennessee parents would attest they want the best for their children and do what they can to keep them safe and secure. While many parents beam upon hearing their children take after them, having a child that's a chip off the old block may be a negative when it comes to driving.

Motorcycles and the importance of safety and maintenance

So far during 2012, there have been 112 motorcycle accident fatalities in Tennessee. This same time last year, there had been 104. After a rash of motorcycle accidents involving high-profile government officials, one Tennessee County is cautioning both drivers and motorcyclists to exercise caution when traveling Tennessee's road and highways.

Young passenger dies in single car accident

Often, we tend to think of tragic car accidents as a collision between a negligent driver and another unsuspecting vehicle. Indeed, stories about drunk drivers striking other motorists are unfortunately a common headline. But we tend not to think about a dangerous driver's own passengers-perhaps thinking that they must be somehow implicitly involved in the accident. But a tragic story came out of Tennessee this week that shows how the passengers of a negligent driver are just as innocent as any other victim.

Distracted driving involved in nearly 10 percent of crashes

We've all heard about the dangers of distracted driving, and how talking on the cell phone in the car can make it harder to concentrate on the road. Of course, many people still use their handheld phones in the car; the convenience is hard to resist. But a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released new information that concretely describes the dangers of distracted driving.

Drunk driving accident leaves two seriously injured

A Tennessee man who would normally be responsible for reporting news of a serious car accident was recently involved in one himself. The 31-year-old newspaper editor was driving back from dropping friends off at a nearby hospital when another driver struck his car in a head-on collision.

Self-driving cars - safety and control issues

We've all likely seen a futuristic movie in which the characters move about in machine-propelled and controlled cars. Turns out this type of transportation option may be the norm in the very near future. However, the prospect of so-called self-driving cars becoming a reality raises many concerns related to safety and potential car accidents.

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