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FDA needs to improve investigation of pharmacies

Is the Food and Drug Administration doing enough to protect the public from dangerous drugs? After the deadly meningitis outbreak caused by an unsterile pharmacy facility, the answer appears to be no. The commissioner of the FDA even said that they need to improve their investigation policies and be more aggressive with compounding pharmacies in the U.S.

Tennessee man convicted in tragic drunk driving accident

Some people may think its no big deal to get behind the wheel of a car after having a few drinks, but this is never a safe idea. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are all too common, and sometimes they have deadly results.

One man killed and two children injured in Tennessee car wreck

It only takes one split-second wrong move while behind the wheel of a car to cause an accident that injures or kills another individual. These car accidents are all the more tragic when they involve innocent children.

Fatal Nashville motorcycle accident reveals dangers

Longtime Tennessee motorcyclists are probably well aware of the problems that come with sharing the road with cars and trucks. The drivers of bigger vehicles sometimes seem to have a hard time seeing two-wheeled vehicles like motorcycles, and the result is often a motorcycle accident - and all too often a fatal one.

Millions of vehicles recalled for defective air bags

Car accidents can result in very serious and fatal injuries, which is why vehicles are equipped with air bags designed to protect occupants during crashes. Unfortunately, when air bags are defective, they don't provide the necessary protection for passengers and defective air bags can cause serious safety risks for consumers in the U.S.

Tennessee woman returns home after tragic car accident

Earlier this year, this blog reported on a tragic accident near Nashville in which a driver crashed head-on into another car carrying a 28-year-old woman, her two young children and her mother. Killed in the car accident were her mother and the driver of the other car. Sadly, her 3-year-old daughter died from her injuries several days later, after this blog's post was written.

Johnson & Johnson sold defective hip replacements despite risks

As the population ages, more people have been getting hip replacements in the U.S. With hip replacements being more common and necessary in society, Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary DePuy started manufacturing all-metal hip replacements.

Nashville-area high school coach killed in car accident

Students and staff at a Nashville-area high school were devastated late last month by the news that a beloved coach and teacher had been killed in a traffic accident. Compounding the tragedy, police said the other driver in the car accident was a student at the school.

Multi-vehicle accidents make for complicated cases

In a typical traffic accident, one driver is distracted and as a result two vehicles collide. It's relatively easy to sort out who is legally responsible for the injuries caused from this kind of car accident. But many traffic accidents are not so simple.

Tennessee moves to protect athletes from brain injury

In recent years, the medical community has paid increasing attention to the risk of brain injury in common team sports. Football, in particular, has been under scrutiny, and educators all over the nation have been trying to find ways to improve safety for student athletes.

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