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Soldiers with more than one brain injury show higher suicide risk

Tennessee soldiers who are fighting for their country and the family members of these soldiers should be aware of the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries. TBIs are common among servicemen and servicewomen due to explosives and other injuries caused by combat. A new study shows that those who suffer from more than one brain injury are likely to face a higher risk of suicide.

Rental companies still using recalled vehicles

U.S. law prevents car dealerships from selling defective vehicles that have been recalled by the auto manufacturer. However, rental car companies are still able to rent vehicles that have been recalled for safety issues, putting consumers at risk for being in a serious car accident.

Car accident claims life of pregnant woman, baby

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for many Tennessee parents-to-be. But it can also end in heartbreak when the expectant mother and baby are killed in a car accident. A 22-year-old woman and her unborn baby died on the morning of May 21 after being involved in the accident in Lexington, Tennessee the night before.

FDA investigating da Vinci surgical robots for defects

Robotic surgical systems may be unsafe for patients, with some robotic surgeries causing serious injuries and even death in surgical patients. The dangers of these surgical devices have become more apparent, and federal regulators have started to investigate their use in U.S. hospitals.

Tennessee cheerleaders seriously hurt by alleged drunk driver

Sometimes in Tennessee, a driver is doing everything right when another vehicle, driven by a careless person, comes from seemingly out of nowhere to bring a collision and bodily injury. Perhaps the most common and most infuriating of these collisions are drunk driving accidents.

Three-car Tennessee accident leaves one dead, several hurt

After a traffic accident, it can be hard for Tennessee police to tell what went wrong or who, if anyone, was at fault. After a car accident in which people are injured or killed, police investigate the scene and come up with a preliminary report. However, the investigation may continue for a long time afterward. There are many cases, however, in which police think they know what happened soon after the accident.

Cheap bounce houses may be defective, cause injuries

Bounce houses have become very popular at children's birthday parties and other events. Unfortunately, bounce houses are causing an increasing number of injuries among children in Tennessee and across the U.S., according to a new report.

What's worse -- texting and driving or drunk drivers?

Many Nashville teenagers seem to text each other more often than they speak to each other. Unfortunately, many of them are so attached to their smart phones that they don't put them away while they are driving. In recent years, texting and driving has become a leading cause of car accidents.

Distracted driving may be more deadly than once thought

Nashville drivers have probably heard a lot in recent years about the dangers posed by drivers who are texting or talking on cell phones and not paying attention to the road. Recently, a report concluded that the danger is actually worse than many observers previously thought.

One killed and three injured in Nashville head-on crash

Lives can change -- or end -- in an instant on Nashville highways. A terrible car accident can seem to come from out of nowhere, especially at night. That's what happened recently on Interstate 40 in Nashville in an accident that left one dead and three others critically injured.

Tennessee ambulance crash spurs safety reminder

Drivers in Tennessee and the rest of the country have been hearing a lot recently about the dangers of texting while driving. But there is another kind of common driver distraction that leads to car accidents, and that is the distraction caused by another accident.

Plastic found on frozen pizzas lead to recall in California, US

Deciding what food to buy at the grocery store can be complicated enough. When consumers start thinking about all the food products that are recalled for being unsafe or dangerous to consume, they may never look at buying food in the same way ever again.

Study: Number of motorcycle accident deaths keeps climbing

Some weeks ago, this blog covered efforts in the Tennessee legislature to do away with the state's helmet laws, at least for riders over age 21. That effort later failed in the legislature, after critics argued that the move would lead to more fatal motorcycle accidents and serious injuries.

Defective drugs can be dangerous to consumers

When patients take a drug prescribed by their doctor, they assume it is safe and will not harm them. Unfortunately, some prescription drugs can cause adverse reactions and even death in some patients. When defective drugs are sold to consumers, can the drug manufacturer be held liable in a civil lawsuit?

Nashville man killed in rock musician's DUI crash

Nashville's music media have been covering the ongoing fall-out from a fatal traffic accident involving the bass player for the rock band 3 Doors Down. After the alcohol related accident near Nashville, the band cancelled at least four concerts, including one that had been scheduled for May 4 in Nashville. The bass player also has entered rehab for treatment of drug and alcohol problems after being released from jail following his arrest.

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