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July 2013 Archives

Federal officials call for technology to halt truck crashes

Some of the worst accidents that take place on Nashville roads involve trucks at intersections where drivers have trouble seeing each other. Federal officials recently proposed technology that could potentially saving thousands of lives by reducing the occurrence of this kind of truck accident.

FDA sends demand letters to makers of illegal diabetes drugs

Patients in Tennessee who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are often told that they must take steps to control their sugar and insulin levels. They may be told about various ways to address the problem such as giving themselves insulin shots, utilizing an insulin pump, or taking prescription medication. While most consumers act in accordance with physician directives, other may be tempted to treat the disease with natural supplements or by purchasing drugs from online pharmacies. However, the products offered by many of these companies do not legitimately treat diabetes, and instead, patients can be unknowingly harmed by a dangerous product or uselessly ingest an ineffective formula.

Man wins lawsuit for faulty medical device

When someone is ill or injured the last thing he or she wants to worry about is dealing with a defective medical product. However, if a person in the Nashville area is dealing with a malfunctioning medical device, like the DePuy hip device for example, then he or she should be aware of latest legal news involving the device.

Lawsuits can help cause of justice after a hit and run

Tennessee law requires any driver involved in an accident with another vehicle to stop as soon as it is safe to do so and exchange identification and insurance information if there has been property damage. If someone is injured or killed in the accident, the driver has a duty to try to help the injured person and to report the accident to the authorities. Drivers who leave the scene of a fatal accident can be charged with felony hit and run. Still, criminal charges are only part of the story after a fatal accident.

Documentary turns spotlight on traumatic brain injuries

Most of the injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents are all too apparent - no one doubts when a person has experienced broken bones. But many Tennessee car accident victims suffer from injuries that are harder to detect and harder to treat: traumatic brain injuries.

Multi-vehicle crashes especially hard to investigate

When vehicles collide on Nashville's busy highways, police and other first responders are under a lot of pressure from competing interests. First, if people were injured in the car accident, they need to get those people into ambulances as soon as possible. Second, police want to conduct a thorough investigation of the crash, to determine whether criminal charges are warranted and to try to prevent other accidents from happening in the future. At the same time, traffic is backing up on the highway behind the accident, and police want to make sure that all those drivers can get to wherever they need to go. As a result, accident investigations are often somewhat rushed.

Personal injury verdict could affect product liability lawsuits

When an accident occurs it’s a well-known fact that wearing a seatbelt can safe lives. Therefore, most people typically feel safe when they have a seatbelt on. However, if for some reason a person in the Nashville area is injured by a car defect the results can be devastating.

Tennessee man killed by driver going wrong way

A Tennessee man was killed earlier this month when a reportedly drunk driver going the wrong way on a bypass crashed into his car head-on. The tragic accident raises questions not only about drunk driving, but about speed limits and traffic safety.

Man dies after receiving improper medication in hospital

When someone is admitted to the hospital for any reason he or se should be able to expect competent and careful medical attention. However, sometimes doctors or other medical staff members make mistakes that can cause serious problems for a patient, and sometimes even wrongful death. No one in Nashville or anywhere else should have to suffer from medical negligence.

Several hurt, six suspected of DUI after seven-car pile-up

All drivers in Nashville probably know that every time they go out - and especially at night - they are at risk of getting into a drunk driving accident, and through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, as responsible as many drivers may be, they are probably sharing the road with other drivers who have been drinking. A recent accident in another state suggested that there may be even more of these drunk drivers at any given time than anyone else thought.

Several hurt in four-car Nashville chain-reaction crash

At least four people were hurt recently in a multi-vehicle Nashville accident in which a large Hummer squashed a passenger car. Bystanders had to break the window of one car in order to free a woman trapped inside.

Cell phone use can play a dangerous role in truck accidents

Often when Nashville residents think about a distracted driver using a cell phone behind the wheel of a car, the first thing they will think of is a teenager. Certainly, teenagers' relative inexperience with driving and obsession with social media can be a dangerous combination, even a deadly one. The problem of distracted driving and cell phone use, however, is much more widespread, and - perhaps most disconcertingly - extends to drivers of much larger, potentially more dangerous vehicles.

Makers of transvaginal mesh products facing lawsuit

When a person in Nashville or anywhere else suffers a medical condition he or she just wants to find a solution that will help resolve his or her problem. However, sometimes doctors or other medical professionals make mistakes in their treatment. Other times, companies who manufacture medical devices get them wrong. When this happens the patient is often the one who ends up paying the price for these mistakes.

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