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Seven injured in Nashville crash during drug-bust chase

When two cars collide and someone is injured, the legal implications can be complex, but when one of the vehicles involved is an emergency responder, such as a police car or an ambulance, this can contribute many new complications. Multi-vehicle accidents are more complicated still. And, when there is a multi-vehicle accident involving emergency responders, it can present an extraordinarily complicated legal case.

Arguments begin in case against Toyota in wrongful death suit

Millions of people either drive or ride in a vehicle every day, including tens of thousands of people in the Nashville area. Although the majority of vehicles on the road are safe to drive, there are some cars and trucks that unfortunately have defects. When one of these auto defects causes someone to be hurt or even killed, sometimes the auto manufacturer can be at fault.

Insurers limit treatment for brain injury sufferers

Of all the types of injuries that Nashville residents suffer in traffic accidents, perhaps the least understood and hardest to treat are traumatic brain injuries. To casual observers, people living with brain injury may look fine; they may have no visible scars, they may be able to carry on brief conversations. At the same time, they may have lingering effects from the injury that make it hard for them to remember things, plan for the future, hold down employment, live independently or truly connect with loved ones.

Motorcycle accident in Tennessee with 18-wheeler injures rider

Motorcycles can be a great way to get around town or just to go out and enjoy summer weather. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, they have to share Tennessee roads with all kinds of other drivers and all sizes of vehicles. Any collision between a motorcycle and these other vehicle carries the risk of serious injury or death.

Tennessee Titan speaks out to prevent drunk driving accidents

Things are looking up for NFL player Delanie Walker, who is getting ready to start his first season with the Tennessee Titans. Off the field, however, he is carrying the weight of knowing he recently lost loved ones to a drunk driver. His aunt and uncle were killed six months ago when a drunk driver smashed into their car as they drove home from seeing their nephew play at the Louisiana Superdome.

Should the FDA rethink its drug recall process?

There are thousands of types of medication for the thousands of different illnesses or diseases that exist in the world today. Most of the time doctors are careful and cautious as they prescribe medication to individuals. However, when someone in the Nashville area is prescribed a drug that is dangerous or defective the consequences can be very devastating to that person.

Man now waiting third shoulder surgery after device fails

When someone seeks medical treatment in the Nashville area, he or she should be able to expect that a person will receive the best care possible. This is true for any kind of medical care, but it can be especially important when someone has any kind of medical device inserted into his or her body. Sometimes, however, those devices can be a defective medical product and can end up causing more problems.

Court upholds regulations meant to prevent truck accidents

In Tennessee and elsewhere, traffic accidents involving large trucks are more dangerous than other accidents on the road, and they tend to lead to more complex legal matters. When Tennessee residents hurt in tractor trailer accidents file a personal injury lawsuit, one question that often comes up is whether the trucking company involved followed federal safety regulations. Failure to follow federal trucking regulations could be important evidence to show that the company was at least partly liable for damages caused by the accident.

Nashville-area woman still struggles with fallout of fatal crash

While survivors of serious car accidents can have terrible physical pain and scars, they may also have emotional damage as well. They may find that they carry the fear from an accident around with them for months or years.

Patients asked to consent to experimental brain injury treatment

The public in Tennessee and the rest of the country are becoming more aware of the dangers of traumatic brain injury, largely thanks to a growing national discussion about traumatic brain injury in sports. The medical community has been studying brain injuries for generations, but these conditions are still exceedingly difficult to treat. The fact is that the brain doesn't heal the way other parts of the body do, and so these injuries often lead to long-term or permanent disability.

New studies look at how brain injuries affect youths' IQs

Of all the non-fatal injuries that come from motor vehicle accidents, those involving brain injuries are perhaps the most serious and hardest to detect or to treat. Recent studies show that brain injury may be more common than was previously thought and that even relatively mild injuries can result in long-term problems.

Apparent brake failure may have caused fatal bus crash

Auto accidents can happen at any time for many different reasons. Sometimes drivers cause accidents. However, other times a defective or faulty part can be the cause of an accident. If someone in the Nashville area is hurt because of an auto defect, he or she should be aware of all the possible legal ramifications.

Two dead after wrong-way crash on Nashville highway

Two men were killed in a wrong-way collision on a Nashville highway recently, and the authorities are still trying to find out why. No doubt, the families of the victims are asking some of the same questions.

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