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Tennessee man hurt when concrete mixer hits his car

After a traffic accident in which someone is injured or killed, Tennessee police investigate the scene to try to determine how the accident happened. This can mean taking measurements at the scene and talking to witnesses by the side of the road or by phone. When they finish their investigation, they issue a report. These reports can be important in personal injury lawsuits, but they don't always tell the entire story.

200,000 bottles of infant medication recalled

Consumers in Nashville and worldwide rely every day on medication to help maintain health and wellness. Everything from headache medicine to blood pressure pills are available to keep our bodies operating properly. We put the utmost confidence in manufacturers to protect our best interests at all times and to help keep us safe, and while medicinal advances have saved countless lives, the improper manufacturing processes that result in dangerous or defective products have made countless others ill.

Tennessee woman dead after head-on collision

A Tennessee woman is dead after a head-on collision. According to police, the woman was driving westbound when a pickup truck headed eastbound crossed the center line and crashed into her car. The woman is reported to have died at the scene. The driver of the pickup truck was hospitalized in serious condition.

5 hurt in Nashville multi-vehicle motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists may look tough and dangerous, but they are some of the most vulnerable people on Tennessee's roads. The nature of a motorcycle means that bikers are more exposed to the elements and more precariously balanced. On Nashville's busy roadways, also pose a great risk to drivers of all kinds. If anything goes wrong while a motorcyclist is traveling, it can easily lead to catastrophic injuries or death.

Medical devices should require warranty, Consumers Union says

Currently, most knee and hip implants do not require regulation. They can be used in patients without first undergoing safety and efficiency reviews by the Food and Drug Administration. The Consumers Union is working to stop this and protect patients who fall victim to defective implants.

Drunk driver's confession becomes viral video

When most people in Tennessee think of the term "viral video," they probably think of a short clip of cute animals, or maybe a funny music video or slapstick prank. They probably don't think of someone confessing to have killed a person in a drunk driving accident.

Police look for truck driver in fatal Tennessee hit-and-run

One woman was killed and another badly injured in a hit-and-run crash on a Tennessee road recently, and, as of this writing, the Tennessee Highway Patrol was still looking for the driver responsible. Apparently because the damage to the victims' car was so extreme, officials believe the vehicle that hit it was a semitrailer.

Greek yogurt voluntarily recalled after mold strains found

Manufacturers of all products, including food, have an obligation to provide consumers in Nashville and nationwide non-hazardous merchandise. When it comes to edible goods, shoppers put a lot of trust in companies and believe that they will follow through with rigorous industry standard testing to safeguard that no one will fall ill or even lose their lives as a result of a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, harmful products hit the shelves all too often.

Tennessee Supreme Court OKs $43.8 million award for injured boy

After someone is hurt in a Tennessee traffic accident, the first legal issue is usually to find out who was at fault in the accident. Typically, the fault lies with one of the drivers involved, but multiple drivers may share some of the fault. In some cases, there may be other legal issues at work, making still other parties partly responsible for the injuries.

Accidental discharge of AR-15 kills Tennessee father and son

Contrary to popular belief, guns are not always accidentally discharged due to user error. There are documented cases that have proven that dropping a loaded weapon might cause it to go off. Furthermore, if the weapon is not mechanically sound or has been manufactured from defective or substandard parts, it can become a volatile weapon in the hands of even the most experienced and safe user.

Tennessee dad killed, kids hurt by allegedly intoxicated driver

Most Tennessee drivers are careful behind the wheel most of the time, but unfortunately they must often share the road with irresponsible and careless drivers, including some who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Intoxicated drivers can easily cause accidents that destroy the lives of innocent people around them.

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