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October 2013 Archives

Tennessee marks grim milestone in traffic accidents

Tennessee passed a grim milestone on Oct. 17 when the state Department of Transportation noted that 800 people had died on Tennessee roadways so far in 2013. The number means this year is on pace with last year's 1,031 traffic fatalities -- reportedly the highest number of any state in the nation last year.

Antibiotic recalled for containing dangerous particles

Unfortunately there is no shortage of stories about people in Nashville and around the world who were made ill or lost their lives due to dangerous drugs. When someone is sick, they turn to hospitals and pharmacies to seek out a product that will help alleviate unwanted symptoms. In too many instances, individuals take medications with complete trust that because it came from a trusted source, nothing can go wrong.

Regulators struggle to combat truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers are often under a lot of pressure from their employers to get their goods from one place to other in a short amount of time. To meet these deadlines, truckers sometimes have to spend long hours behind the wheel without getting enough rest. And that means dangerously fatigued truck drivers may be on Wisconsin roads, perhaps even causing truck accidents.

Medical bed side rails have been known to cause injury and death

Almost 15 years ago a story was published regarding the dangers of hospital bed side rails. Recently it was republished likely in an attempt to warn people in Nashville and nationwide of the hazards the beds continue to pose.

Texting-while-driving accident causes traumatic brain injury

Of all the horrible injuries people suffer in Tennessee traffic accidents, the most mysterious are brain injuries. Brain injuries are often caused when a head injury causes the brain to swell against the skull. The effects of these injuries can be apparent immediately after the accident -- as when a person slips into a coma -- or can appear hours or days later. In some cases, people suffer amnesia that is only temporary, but in many cases brain injuries cause permanent cognitive problems.

Families protest lack of charges after fatal Tennessee crash

After losing a loved one in a fatal traffic accident caused by someone else's negligence, many Tennessee families feel a need to hold the negligent driver accountable. However, many of them find the criminal justice system does not address all the family's needs when it comes to doling out justice.

Natural sunscreen recalled for possible bacteria contamination

There never seems to be an end to product recalls. From food to auto parts, many Nashville citizens are benefited when companies recall products, while others find out the hard way that a product has a manufacturing defect. In an effort to decrease the number of victims exposed to a defective product, most organizations will voluntarily recall dangerous products and warn the general public to avoid them.

Tennessee woman fights release of driver in fatal DUI crash

After a drunk driver causes a fatal accident, Tennessee's criminal justice system has an important role to play in restoring the public's sense of justice and accountability. The person responsible may face serious criminal charges and, if convicted, harsh penalties including jail time and fines. Nonetheless, the families of these victims often feel that the criminal justice system has not met their needs.

Woman to plead guilty in drunk driving crash on Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace Parkway is, without a doubt, the most scenic highway in the Nashville area. It's a good way for Tennesseans to get to or from Mississippi, and to enjoy the beauty of an historic Native American trail while they're at it. However, it has its drawbacks. The Parkway is administered by the National Park Service, and that means that during the recent government shutdown its rest stops and other roadside stops and services were closed. And of course, like any other roadway in Tennessee, it has its careless drivers.

Experts believe that tainted cantaloupe caused death and injury

Nashville shoppers assume that the food they purchase will be safe to consume. Food safety organizations help ensure that the manufacturing plants and growing operations follow strict protocol in order to keep consumers safe, but actions that fall outside those guidelines can create dangerous situations for buyers.

Tennessee Highway Patrol horrified by bus-truck crash

At least eight people were killed and 12 injured recently in a bus and truck collision that Tennessee Highway Patrol officers described as one of the worst accidents they had ever seen. Two of the injured were hospitalized in critical condition.

Effects of brain injury can be hard to detect

Tennessee residents who are hurt in car accidents can suffer all kinds of horrible injuries, but one of the most difficult injuries to comprehend are traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can be severe and debilitating, leading to permanent disability. Sometimes, they are hard to detect with medical instruments and their effect is difficult to understand for people who didn't know the victim before the injury. Some people who suffer brain injury undergo personality changes that are disturbing to their families and friends and that they themselves can't understand.

Over 4,100 complaints have been made about faulty Saturn Ion

In Nashville and worldwide, having control over your vehicle at all times is paramount to ensure a safer driving experience. When that control is suddenly lost due to an auto defect, it can result in devastating injuries due to an accident. According to reports, 16 crashes were allegedly caused by drivers who lost control over their ability to steer their Saturn Ion, a vehicle manufactured by General Motors.

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