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Multi-vehicle crash ensues on Tennessee highway

In accidents involving multiple vehicles, it is sometimes difficult to provide police with a clear account of what happened after the crash. One car clips another car, and then a third car tries to swerve out of the way and hits a fourth vehicle -- and pretty soon there are many vehicles involved and no one can provide a clear explanation as to how it all started. Nonetheless, it is important for everyone involved to remember as best they can all the details of the accident so fault can be assigned to guilty parties and victims can pursue compensation for the damages inflicted on them.

Tennessee school president injured in crash

East Tennessee State University students and residents of the area may be shocked and dismayed to learn of a recent accident involving the president of the school. A flatbed wreck truck neglected to stop at a red light, ran through an intersection and struck the ETSU president's SUV, causing significant damage. The wrecker driver sustained only minor injuries, while the ETSU president was not so lucky. Not only did his car get towed away with serious damage, the president himself was rushed to the hospital with injuries. Thankfully, he is now considered to be in stable condition.

Woman claims hip replacement caused metal poisoning

It is well known that many people have had issues with DePuy hip replacements. Individuals from Nashville and across the nation have complained of hip fractures associated with the implant as well as pain, inflammation and prolonged discomfort. Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against DePuy and added metal poisoning to the list of symptoms.

What to do immediately following a car accident

Accidents happen so rapidly that the details can become blurred and confused. One mishap can cause a chain of reactions and a two-car accident can quickly become a five-car pile-up. It is sometimes difficult, then, to assign fault in these kinds of large-scale accidents, as most of those involved do not have a clear idea of what exactly occurred. This is why it is always helpful to have an understanding of the best steps to take immediately following an accident.

Motorcyclist dead after collision with apparently drunk driver

The freedom of range that motorcyclists enjoy comes at a price. That price is increased vulnerability to greater harm in an accident. This increased vulnerability is often a matter of life and death -- riders of motorcycles are at far greater risk of fatality in accidents than drivers of bigger, more protected vehicles.

Tennessee man and 3 others claim defective bow injured them

When you buy products and use them according to the manufacturer's guidelines, likely the furthest thing from your mind is that you may be injured by them. However, one Tennessee man and three others are claiming that is exactly what happened in a lawsuit that focuses on the design defect of a crossbow.

Motorcycle accident results in head trauma for rider

Motorcycles, though considered fun by many, are also more dangerous than more protected vehicles. The unfettered range of motion that makes motorcycling so fun also renders riders vulnerable to injury, trauma and death. It is common for motorcycle riders, especially ones who choose to ride without helmets, to sustain serious injuries when involved in accidents. Broken bones and traumatic brain injuries are often the unfortunate consequences of such accidents.

Man drinks Red Bull and dies, wrongful death suit filed

In this day and age, it seems like Nashville residents have more obligations and less time. Looking for a caffeinated pick-me-up is a popular approach to help make the most out of every day. Energy drinks are a common caffeine source, and are guzzled by many on a daily basis. According to reports, one man in his early thirties chose Red Bull as his drink of choice until he suddenly died of a heart attack.

Fatal car crash ensues on Tennessee highway

Sometimes, the unimaginable happens. A loved one is killed in an unavoidable accident and it seems like there was nothing anyone could do. Maybe the loved one was struck by a drunk driver, rear ended by someone texting or side swiped by someone being downright reckless -- in any case, the damage was done and the family of the victim now seeks justice. Thankfully, there are ways to pursue justice and receive compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one.

Dump truck hits minivan, causes injury

Truck accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries and deaths than accidents involving smaller, less heavy vehicles. Vehicles like commercial trucks or semi-trucks are often times used to transport heavy loads that render them highly destructive forces in accidents. Because of this, truck drivers need to exercise extreme caution on the road and there are certain laws that only apply to truck drivers.

Dolly Parton suffers minor injuries from fender-bender

Probably the last thing on country superstar Dolly Parton's mind while she was driving through Nashville was that a car would fail to yield, and a crash would ensure. The singer, famous for covering "Last Thing on My Mind," rode as passenger in an SUV that was struck at an intersection. Parton sustained minor injuries -- injuries that thankfully only caused a little soreness and fatigue. She tweeted her status shortly after the accident, and announced that she will be doing a number of concerts in Europe next June and July.

Study finds links between brain injury, depression in kids

Of all the injuries Tennessee residents suffer in traffic accidents, brain injuries are some of the most mysterious. People with a brain injury may appear fine on the outside, but suffer cognitive problems that can interfere with their personal and professional life. These problems are often permanent, as brain injuries are notoriously difficult to treat. The symptoms can also be difficult to understand. They can include extreme conditions such as amnesia or subtle problems such as dizziness.

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