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Head-on collision possibly caused by distracted driver

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous behaviors a person can engage in while on the road. People who operate motor vehicles are expected to exercise the amount of care necessary to prevent an accident from occurring. By talking or texting on a cell phone, a driver's ability to exercise this care is deeply impaired. Because of this, distracted drivers are often found to be guilty of negligence and are thus liable for the damages and injuries resulting from a crash.

Public awareness an issue in older product recalls

Product recalls often make front page news, particularly if they relate to a dangerous product that can be hazardous to children. Most Nashville parents are likely diligent about their children's environments, and immediately remove any items that have been recalled. However, sometimes a gap occurs in public awareness regarding older recalled products that are still in circulation. For this reason, some consumer advocates are pressing for better methods of maintaining public awareness for recalled items in order to prevent the occurrence of a fatal product liability accident.

Founder of Tennessee outreach program dies in car crash

There is nothing quite comparable to the pain of losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident. Nothing can prepare the loved ones of victims for this trauma. This pain and suffering may be further exacerbated when family members are then asked to endure the financial difficulties that come with lost wages, medical expenses and other damages resulting from the crash. Thankfully, loved ones of victims who have had to endure such financial strain have options available to them to help with these costs.

One dead, one injured in Tennessee car accident

There are a variety of environmental factors that can play a part in car accidents. But whether it is snow, rain, ice or a sun glare, drivers are still expected to exercise the amount of care necessary to avoid injuring another person on the road. In other words, the presence of an environmental factor does not always pardon a driver's negligent actions.

Fiery head-on collision kills one in Tennessee

All types of car accidents have the chance of being highly destructive. But for one type of accident, the chance is increased significantly. A head-on collision involves a lot of force and with a basic understanding of physics, it is fairly obvious why these crashes are likely going to have devastating results. Serious injuries are not uncommon -- ranging from brain injuries to broken bones -- and, in the worst case scenarios, these injuries can be fatal.

Unsafe child car seats uncovered by federal agency

Nashville is home to many parents of small children, who purchase products for their families with the expectation that these items have been vetted and deemed safe enough for placement on the market. When there is a potential hazard associated with a product, these parents want to know as soon as possible. This is why recalls relating to an uncovered design and manufacturing defectare so important--they notify the public to possible safety issues, and help consumers make informed decisions.

Nashville man involved in wrong-way crash

One of the more dangerous and deadly types of car accidents is the wrong-way crash. These accidents involve twice the amount of force as those between one stationary and one moving vehicle. It is not uncommon for many injuries to result from these crashes and, in the worst case scenarios, head-on collisions can result in fatalities.

Over 30,000 large trucks affected by defective seatbelt recall

It is believed that the average American spends roughly two and a half hours each day in their car. That means that a typical Nashville resident drives around for approximately 17 ½ hours each week. In contrast, a commercial truck driver can be on the road for 70 hours per week, easily logging over 500 miles a day. While it is imperative that auto manufacturers maintain strict industry standards on all motor vehicles, an auto defect affecting a heavy-duty truck has an increased likelihood of causing injury or damage simply because the truck is being operated more.

Is distracted driving being addressed sufficiently in Tennessee?

Most drivers in Davidson County, Tennessee, understand that texting while driving is a bad decision that can have deadly consequences. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that driver texting and distraction is still a serious problem in Tennessee. In fact, the National Safety Council indicates that Tennessee is the state with the highest rate of fatal crashes involving cell phone use. It is important for drivers in Tennessee to recognize and respect the risk that this behavior poses.

Truck crash near Tennessee border leaves one dead

Everyone makes mistakes on the job. Unfortunately, when a truck driver makes a mistake while working, the results are often tragic. Truck drivers may drive too long in order to get their shipment to its intended location on time, which can cause a truck driver fatigue that leads to a higher chance of them making mistakes. Furthermore, they may text while driving or engage in other distracted driving practices that lead to devastating accidents. When these types of accidents occur, victims have options.

Novartis drugs were recalled due to possible contamination

One of the most recent drugs recalls that Nashville residents should be aware of involves over five million samples that were distributed to physicians to pass out to their patients. According to reports, the massive recall actually started in the summer of 2013 and has continued today as the pharmaceutical manufacturer Novartis announced that more potentially dangerous or defective products have been added to the growing list.

Distracted driving increases crash risk, study says

The fact that distracted driving is dangerous is common sense to most Tennessee residents. Still, looking at statistics that show just how dangerous it is when cell phone use is combined with driving can be quite surprising. Talking and driving or texting and driving is still a common practice, even when it is widely known that it is very dangerous, and victims are needlessly pulled into accidents involving distracted drivers. Distracted driving is a form of negligence, meaning that drivers are oftentimes liable for damages in an accident and victims are sometimes times eligible to receive compensation.

Fewer than 1000 fatal car accidents in Tennessee in 2013

Regardless of where one is, the risk of being involved in a motor vehicle-related accident is always present. Even when certain changes in law enforcement result in lowered accident rates, reckless drivers still cause a high number of accidents every year -- many of which, tragically, result in fatalities. At the beginning of the New Year, Tennessee residents may be interested to learn of just how many fatal accidents occurred in 2013.

Semi-truck accident results in fatality of 17-year-old

Drivers of commercial trucks spend lots of time on the road operating vehicles that can be extremely dangerous because of their weight and size. Because of this, there are federal trucking regulations set up to protect other people from the potential devastation that can result when a semi is involved in an accident. There are many ways truck drivers can violate these regulations -- such as working long hours and driving while fatigued or jackknife turning -- and when they do, they may be liable for the damages that result from a truck accident.

Surgical robots recalled due to danger posed to patients

Advancements in technology have greatly influenced the medical industry. Today, Nashville surgeons can rely on minimally invasive robots to perform more accurate surgeries while also cutting down on a patient's recovery time. However, like all machines these robots are not completely failsafe and can encounter problems that can be dangerous and even fatal to patients.

Tennessee accident results in one fatality and three injured

Whether they result in multiple fatalities or mere scrapes and bruises, car accidents are always traumatic affairs and very often involve victims. Victims in these cases can be anyone who is injured or killed as the result of another driver's actions. Oftentimes, these actions are what can be considered negligent, meaning the driver neglected to exercise the proper amount of care required to prevent such tragedies.

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