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Tennessee two-car crash leaves five injured

Drivers are expected to exercise the necessary amount of care so as to prevent an accident from occurring. This means they need to be alert at all times and ready to handle any unexpected occurrence. Anything they may impede on one's ability to do so, such as texting while driving, intoxication and the like, puts other drivers in great peril. When another driver involved in a car accident is proven to have failed to exercise due caution, or, in other words, to have acted negligently, then the victims in these cases may be able to pursue legal action.

Two dead after three car crash in Tennessee

Car accidents can happen so quickly that victims are oftentimes unable to process them. In what seems like a split second, a person can be rear-ended, and then a car driving in the opposite lane may clip the side of his or her vehicle; before they know it, a multiple-vehicle accident has occurred. A multi-vehicle accident can have devastating consequences. Victims may suffer a variety of injuries, and, at worst, these injuries may prove fatal.

One hospitalized after pileup involving semi in Tennessee

Chain reaction crashes can happen quickly and without warning. When just one driver fails to exercise the amount of care necessary to prevent an accident. or, in other words, acts negligently, a large-scale, multi-vehicle wreck can occur. This sort of car accident or truck accident can leave many people with injuries and many damaged vehicles.

Government warns parents about recalled car seats

Many parents thoroughly research the products they use for their children. From cribs to carriers, there are various ways people in Nashville can review the safety of items they care considering for purchase. If there is a manufacturing or design defect to the product, it can literally mean a life or death situation. Such an issue has sparked one manufacturer to recall millions of car seats.

Risk of stroke triples for young people with head injuries

A brain injury is one of the more severe and debilitating types of injuries following a car accident. Brain injuries can permanently alter the course of a victim's life in an instant. One moment a victim may be driving down the road, minding his or her own business, and then suddenly he or she is dragged into an accident over which he or she has no control.

Pedestrian suffers fatal injuries in accident with semi-truck

The size disparity between a pedestrian and a semi-truck is enormous. Given the incredible size and weight of a semi-truck, any accident between a semi and a pedestrian is most likely going to be fatal for the pedestrian. Pedestrians are completely unprotected and vulnerable to catastrophic damage. When a truck driver acts negligently, the results are likely going to be tragic.

Tennessee truck driver hits car and 2 pedestrians, faces charges

The regulations that commercial truck drivers are expected to abide by are strict. The reasons why are obvious. Commercial trucks pose a threat to all other drivers on the road because of their immense size and weight. All drivers of vehicles of lesser mass are highly vulnerable to serious injuries and death following an accident with one of these commercial vehicles. When drivers or truck companies fail to abide by these strict regulations, victims have rights that need to be protected.

Sale of U.S.'s highest selling car halted due to safety issues

Toyota is a very well-known brand in the United States, and many Nashville residents own vehicles manufactured by this company. Almost all car companies have faced safety issues at one point or another, but when the vehicles are as popular as those made by Toyota it can be quite an undertaking to repair the affected cars. Often, when an auto defect is found in cars that are still being sold new, part of the remedy is to stop sales of that line until the problem can be fully resolved.

Three suffer fatal injuries in Tennessee crash

The worst case scenario of any car accident is a fatality. For any family members who have had to endure the loss of a loved one, the mental anguish can be incredibly difficult. Coupled with the psychological suffering, financial burdens that are placed on families following an accident can be cumbersome and challenging. In many of these cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate so that victims can pursue fair compensation and help to ease some of the financial burden.

Company responsible for defective vehicle modifications settles

In some ways, motor vehicles are inherently dangerous. They are large, heavy, and can do extensive damage if drivers behave irresponsibly. However, most Nashville residents likely believe that vehicles are quite safe if operated properly and drivers adhere to all applicable laws. This is why product recalls and consumer education regarding any auto defect are so important; they allow responsible citizens to continue to use their vehicles confidently, secure in the knowledge that they are safe modes of transportation as long as drivers conduct themselves responsibly.

Semi-truck pins vehicle against retaining wall in Tennessee

When a truck driver or truck company fails to exercise due care, the results can be devastating. In legal terminology, failing to exercise due care is often termed negligence. Truck drivers can display negligence in a variety of ways -- for example, by driving too many hours without adequate rest or making illegal turns or maneuvers. Truck companies may also be found guilty of negligence when they fail to take certain necessary precautions. Victims in accidents involving negligence are often able to pursue compensation.

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