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Man arrested after hit-and-run motorcycle crash in Tennessee

When a driver hits another vehicle and then drives away from the scene of the accident, the act of the hit-and-run is basically an admission of guilt. Sometimes, it takes months or even years before police are able to find the suspect who perpetrated the hit-and-run accident. When the accident investigation does uncover the suspect's location and the suspect is taken into custody, the loved ones of victims in fatal hit-and-run accidents may wish to file wrongful death lawsuits.

Misuse of medical device leads to 4 deaths, 5 injuries

Many Nashville residents have come to depend on their medical devices and take extra care to monitor whether any recalls have been issued on the products they use. Recalls, however, are not the only issues with which consumers should be concerned. Sometimes devices can injure people without being considered a malfunctioning medical product because they are causing injuries not due to a design or manufacturing defect, but because they are being used improperly.

Man trapped in truck, taken to hospital after Tennessee crash

Rear-end accidents almost always point to the fault of the driver who struck the rear of the other vehicle. Drivers are expected to maintain a safe distance between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them. When they fail to do so, they may be found liable in a court of law for the damages resulting from the crash. Victims in these cases may be eligible for compensation.

Tennessee trooper suffers injuries in crash

Some people spend a lot of time on the road. Whether it is because of a long commute or a career that requires a lot of driving time -- such as a semi-truck driver or police officer -- some are at greater risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident due to the nature of their jobs. Regardless of what a person's job is, though, everyone has certain rights on the road.

In wake of G.M. recall, NHTSA faces criticism

The United States is home to many car manufacturing companies that sell both within the country and internationally. Nashville residents probably feel quite secure in the fact that, in the event that some vehicles are found to have a dangerous defect such as a defective airbag or seatbelt, federal agencies will step in to ensure that these issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. When there are allegations that both a prolific car manufacturer and a federal safety agency did not meet up to consumers' safety expectations, it can bring on a flurry of lawsuits.

Several suffer injuries after multi-vehicle crash in Tennessee

The various links in a chain-reaction crash can overwhelm a victim. What starts as a simple fender bender can quickly evolve into a major accident involving many vehicles. Tracing a multi-vehicle accident back to its origin can be difficult, but oftentimes investigative experts work exhaustively following the crash to accurately recreate the events that led to the accident. If it is found that the accident involved negligence from any of the drivers, then victims may be able to pursue legal action.

Mini magnets recalled due to risk to children

Toys and trinkets are not just for kids; there are a number of novelty products on the market that are marketed toward adults, often as gag gifts or fun office decorations. Nashville, a city with a strong demographic of young professionals, is likely a targeted by companies that manufacture such items. Just because a product is not aimed at kids, however, does not mean that manufacturers can ignore potential hazards involving children. If a product contains a design defect that is dangerous to children, manufacturers may be forced to issue a recall.

March is being deemed National Brain Injury Awareness Month

The types of injuries that victims can suffer following car accidents are many. Some of the more severe and debilitating injuries are those that fall under the category of brain injuries. Brian injuries can be devastating and life-altering for victims. Victims may no longer be able to continue living in a way that they are used to, instead forced to deal with a variety of complications.

Police officer injured in Tennessee crash involving DUI suspect

There are very few actions more irresponsible than drinking too much and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. To operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner, drivers must be able to make split-second decisions so that they may prevent an accident from occurring. Alcohol notoriously impairs a person's ability to make quick and responsible decisions. Therefore, the combination of alcohol and driving is one that is both dangerous and potentially deadly.

Police officer injured in Tennessee crash

As many Tennessee residents are aware, weather conditions can make driving quite challenging. Slippery roads can make it difficult to brake without sliding, rainfall can obscure a driver's vision and poorly maintained roads can create all manner of unexpected obstacles. However, even though a higher rate of accidents is to be expected with difficult weather conditions, drivers are still expected to use extreme caution and care. In fact, some weather conditions require drivers to exercise even more care than would be otherwise expected.

13 deaths caused by defective airbags in GM vehicles

When a recall is issued by a major American car manufacturer it can be very alarming for consumers, including those in Nashville. If the recall involves the potential for a serious injury or a wrongful death, it becomes even more imperative that the affected vehicles are quickly removed from use and repaired. For those who have been injured by a car defect like a defective airbag, civil litigation may be an option to consider. These types of lawsuits can help victims win compensation to cover medical expenses or disabilities caused by use of the defective vehicle.

5 Tennessee residents involved in multi-vehicle wreck

Accidents can have a domino effect. All it takes is one falling piece and a chain reaction can be triggered. What starts as a simple fender bender can evolve into a large-scale wreck, involving multiple vehicles, myriad injuries and financial costs that pile up higher and higher. When this chain reaction is triggered by the negligent actions of another driver, victims can oftentimes build strong cases that allow them to fight for compensation from the negligent driver.

Philips ventilators facing latest in string of recalls

Many Nashville residents have come to depend on various medical devices; in fact, these products have become so ubiquitous that some people probably forget they are using them. Because these products are so widely prevalent, and because people's health can sometimes depend on them, it is important that consumers remain vigilant about any recalls that are issued for a defective medical product.

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