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Driver faces charges following wrong-way crash in Tennessee

Wrong-way accidents are among the most deadly types of crashes that can occur. They involve twice as much force as that of a crash involving one stopped vehicle. It is not uncommon for one or more of those involved to suffer serious, sometimes fatal injuries. Drivers need to exercise the amount of care necessary to prevent such accidents from occurring. Failing to do so may render their actions negligent, thus making them liable for the resulting damages.

Women injured by vaginal implants will receive about $40,000 each

When Nashville residents experience a chronic physical issue, they often seek the advice of a physician. In certain cases, the doctors will provide these patients with the option to correct the problem surgically via an implanted medical device. Sometimes these devices work as intended, but in some instances they suffer from design or manufacturing flaws that can make them very dangerous for users. When a defective medical product results in serious injuries, victims may choose to pursue civil suits against the manufacturer.

Defective adult bed handles leads to 3 deaths

Like many cities, Nashville is home to a number of adult care facilities, assisted living complexes and nursing homes. These care centers often include 24-hour nursing services and utilize various types of medical equipment, such as special beds. When a disabled or elderly person is cared for with defective devices, the results can be deadly.

Tennessee police officer killed in car accident

Some occupations demand lots of time on the road. Sometimes this comes in the form of a long commute, while other times it may be part of a job's duties. Whenever someone spends large amounts of time on the road, that person is at greater risk of being involved in a car accident. Car accidents occur with shocking regularity in the United States. The chances of being involved in such a crash are unfortunately high. Tragically, some do not survive such accidents, leaving loved ones devastated.

Defective outdoor chairs results in 3 consumer falls

During the spring and summer months, many Nashville residents enjoy making the most of the warm weather by sitting out on their decks, barbequing and spending time with family and friends.

ER trips resulting from brain injury increase 30 percent

Brain injuries are among the most serious types of injuries a Tennessean can face. Following motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving motorcycles, it is not uncommon for someone to be inflicted with head trauma. This head trauma can result in myriad complications, including memory problems, psychological issues, confusion, nausea and a number of other debilitating symptoms. When a brain injury is the result of the negligence of another party involved, victims have rights.

Motorcycle accident shows mixed results

Many Tennessee residents likely enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding a motorcycle. However, motorcycles remain one of the more dangerous modes of transportation available. Even with improvements in safety features and technological innovations, motorcycles still lack the size and safety features of other motor vehicles. Riders are almost completely exposed and are thus highly vulnerable. Because motorcyclists are highly vulnerable, it is absolutely vital that other drivers on the road are aware of them so as to prevent accidents from occurring.

Tennessee car accident leaves two critically injured

Negligence is a simple concept that can quickly become complicated depending on the circumstances. At its most basic, negligence describes any situation in which someone acts in a way, usually by accident, that leads to someone else being harmed. The person's actions violated certain standards of conduct, thereby rendering the actions negligent. As one can imagine, this can become more layered and complicated than a cursory reading of the definition may suggest. Proving negligence in a car accident can be challenging, but it is often achievable with a solid legal strategy.

Motorcyclist killed after crash in Tennessee

An accident involving a motorcycle and another, much larger vehicle is likely going to have devastating results for the motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders remain largely unprotected on the road. Their bikes lack the sophisticated safety features and large frames of other vehicles. Because of this, it is not uncommon for fatalities to occur following a motorcycle accident that involves another vehicle. These accidents can leave loved ones traumatized, wondering what to do.

Recall expanded for defective IKEA lamps

Nashville is home to many young parents who hold the safety and well-being of their children as their top priorities. These parents believe that when they purchase products, particularly those marketed for children, these items are completely safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case; sometimes severe injuries can result if an item suffers from defective product design. When a child dies as the result of using a dangerous product, family members of the deceased may wish to pursue a claim against the manufacturer to ensure the problem is corrected.

Injuries result from motorcycle crash in Tennessee

With spring here, many Tennessee residents may be enjoying the weather by dusting off their motorcycles and taking them out for a ride. While many may enjoy the freedom that motorcycles allow, even the most avid motorcyclist will likely attest to the fact that motorcycles can be dangerous. The same small frame that allows for a wonderful experience also leaves riders vulnerable and exposed to the elements. Because of this, an accident can leave motorcycle riders seriously injured.

Two killed, one critically injured in tragic Tennessee crash

Following fatal car accidents, loved ones are often devastated. Such accidents are almost always unexpected. Almost no one anticipates having the emotional burden of losing a loved one in a car accident suddenly thrust on them. In many of these cases, too, the family members of victims may feel outraged. Usually, such cases involve a driver who acted negligently. Oftentimes, the loved ones of victims choose to take legal action against the negligent driver.

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