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64-year-old man killed in fatal motorcycle crash with pickup

In Nashville, motorcyclists are a frequent sight on the roadways. Most drivers and motorcyclists share the road with one another's safety in mind, but sometimes a failure to yield or simply not paying close enough attention leads to a fatal motorcycle crash. Because people on motorcycles are so vulnerable, a motorcycle crash often leads to catastrophic injuries and even death. When an accident happens, the injured party and their family needs to be aware of what to do next in order to protect their interests.

Truck accident claims life of 16-year-old

Drivers in Nashville must constantly be on the alert for large trucks that are a frequent present on the road. These trucks serve an important purpose delivering goods and providing jobs, but that doesn't alter the fact that their sheer size makes for a dangerous situation if there is a truck accident. Any kind of collision can have severe consequences to those involved in a semi truck accident.

Defective medical device may require surgical correction

Product recalls affecting Nashville residents occur regularly. Many of these are preventative and address a minor potential for injuries or property damage. In some instances, however, the problems associated with a product defect cannot be easily rectified. For such cases, extreme measures may be necessary to correct the issue, such as invasive surgical procedures.

Tennessee crash leaves 1 dead, 6 injured

Multi-vehicle car accidents can be traumatic for the many victims involved. In many of these crashes, at least some of the victims suffer injuries. Sometimes, these injuries are severe, even fatal. For victims and the families of victims who have suffered in these car accidents, it is important to know what rights they have. In some cases, victims and their families may be entitled to take legal action and pursue compensation from a negligent driver.

Man faces formal charges after devastating Tennessee wreck

In Tennessee, motor vehicle accidents that result in injuries or death can leave victims and loved ones physically and emotionally traumatized. While coping with this physical and emotional trauma, victims and loved ones are then also often forced to deal with financial burdens. These financial burdens may be the result of medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, vehicle damages and the like.

Defect in pool sanitation system leads to $23,000 in damage

Those who invest in private pools in Tennessee understand how important it is to keep the water clean. Many opt for automated cleaning systems that tend to the water without too much manual oversight, such as devices that use ultraviolet lights. While these products can be convenient, if they include a design and manufacturing defect their reliance on electricity and their proximity to water can lead to dangerous situations.

Driver arrested following hit-and-run crash in Tennessee

For victims and their families, hit-and-run accidents can prove to be extremely frustrating. Many may feel outraged, especially if the driver who caused a crash flees the scene. However, in many cases, police investigators are able to track down a hit-and-run driver a short time after the accident occurs.

Serious injuries result from 2-vehicle crash in Tennessee

Car accidents can be absolutely life-altering. In mere seconds, a person's life can be forever changed. Not only can car accidents inflict victims with serious injuries, leaving them with great physical pain and suffering, they can also thrust financial burdens onto victims. These financial burdens may take the form of medical expenses, transportation costs or lost wages. However a victim is financially burdened, legal action may be able to alleviate some of this financial strain.

Consumers concerned defective airbag being repaired too slowly

Many people in Nashville rely on their personal vehicles to transport them on a regular basis, and they trust that these machines are safe to use. These consumers are relying on the fact that when defective auto products are discovered, recalls will be carried out quickly and efficiently. If these people feel that their auto defects are not being corrected swiftly enough, they may begin issuing complaints to federal safety agencies.

Two tragically killed in two separate crashes in Tennessee

Drivers need to be prepared to react quickly. If traffic slows to a stop, drivers need to be ready to abruptly apply the brakes and avoid an accident by any means possible. Failing to do so can have tragic consequences. Many people have lost loved ones in car accidents that could have been avoided. The families of victims are often left devastated and confused as to how such a tragedy could occur.

Four sent to hospital after two-car crash in Tennessee

Negligence describes any situation that involves someone doing something wrong by mistake and that mistake resulting in someone else getting hurt. So if, for example, someone accidently rear-ends another vehicle, they may be found negligent and thus held liable for any damages resulting from the crash. Proving another driver's liability in a car accident can be tricky, but with a strong and aggressive legal strategy, it is possible.

Officials puzzled by continuing salmonella outbreaks

When a food is found to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria or toxins in Tennessee, certain safety precautions are taken to protect consumers, such as recalls and media announcements. In some cases, federal agencies determine that it must oversee a company in order to ensure that future products do not suffer from the same problems. Sometimes, however, tracking down a contaminant's source leads to more questions than answers.

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