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Medical product recall issued for intravenous solutions

Many people in Nashville suffer from serious medical conditions and rely on treatments that involve administering intravenous (IV) solutions. Because they are already battling illnesses, any defects in the medical products used on these patients can lead to severely worsened medical conditions and fatalities.

Do you know the facts about traumatic brain injuries?

Many people here in Tennessee do not understand how commonly adults and children are affected by a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can result in death or severe problems that could linger for days or last a lifetime. Of all the deaths that occur from injuries in the United States, traumatic brain injuries contribute to 30 percent of those.

North Jackson crash puts 2 in hospital

A car accident in Tennessee can turn serious very quickly, especially if the accident is on a busy road or highway. At high speeds, a car accident can put drivers and passengers at risk. Not only is there a risk of damage to someone right away, some injuries can be permanent. Finding a correct settlement can be very important in paying for medical and other expenses that are incurred. Car accidents can take a physical and financial toll if not handled correctly.

FDA finds bacterial contamination in tattoo kits; recall issued

Nashville is a city with a substantial reputation in the world of music, and this draws an artistic population to the area. Many of these artists choose to express their creativity not only through their professions and hobbies, but also through tattoos. As these procedures require injecting foreign materials into a person's skin, any design and manufacturing defect that affects safety in tattooing tools must be addressed immediately.

Woman hit by a drunk driver who then left the scene

Automobile accidents are frequently caused by weather conditions, road conditions, inattention or negligence of other drivers, and mechanical failures. Unfortunately, it is also common to see alcohol related accidents. Drunk drivers commonly cause car crashes, ranging from minor accidents that only cause property damage to more serious accidents with severe injuries or fatalities.

1 death, 12 injuries may be linked to defective medical device

Nashville, like many other cities in the country, is home to many healthcare facilities that provide round-the-clock care. These establishments often rely heavily on medical devices and medicines to care for their patients and trust that these products are safe for use. When one of these products is found to be defective, a recall is often initiated to ensure that potential injuries and deaths are avoided.

Fatal motorcycle accident after trip to Tennessee

While all Tennessee drivers should be vigilant, motorcyclists have to exercise a greater degree of caution due to the numerous dangers that await them and pose the risk of a serious crash. Sometimes it is poor road conditions or dangerous weather that can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike. Other times it is a driver's failure to see the motorcycle or safely maneuver that person's own vehicle. And sometimes, it is debris in the road or someone's fallen cargo that results in the motorcycle crash.

Driver tests positive for drugs after fatal head-on collision

One of the most dangerous things about driving, especially on busy roadways, is that it is often impossible to predict the actions of other drivers. One driver's reckless behavior, failure to yield or sudden swerve, can quickly and easily cause an auto accident. Unfortunately, some of these accidents turn out to be fatal.

Defective firework kit injures 1

The Fourth of July is one of the most beloved holidays in the United States, and many Tennessee families celebrate by bringing together loved ones to enjoy backyard barbeques and play with fireworks. When done safely, using these fireworks is a fun and exciting way to spend the day. If these products contain a manufacturing or design defect, however, using them can be very dangerous.

3 killed, 6 hurt in multi-vehicle accident with semi truck

In Nashville, trucks are a commonly seen sight on the interstate. These truckers are driving very large vehicles and when there is an accident with one, it can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. Regardless of the circumstances, a semi truck accident is something to avoid. However, there are times when they are unavoidable and a truck accident happens with terrible consequences.

Alleged drunk driver had 2 accidents in 1 week, 1 fatal

When out on the road in Davidson, it's important to be aware of the possibility of encountering a drunk driver. While most drivers adhere to traffic laws and make sure they're sober when they operate a motor vehicle, there are still people who flout the law and decide to drive under the influence. If an alcohol related accident happens, there is a significant chance of injuries and fatalities.

GM's inadequate recall process leads to scrutiny of CarMax

New cars can be prohibitively expensive, especially for Nashville residents who are on a strict budget. Because of this, many people choose to buy used vehicles from dealerships that advertise thorough safety inspections. If it is discovered that these retailers are not providing the safety measures they claim, consumer groups, legislators and federal safety agencies may try to address the problem through public awareness efforts and legislation.

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