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How are damages restricted under Tennessee's tort reform?

The Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011 has changed many aspects of civil litigation in the state. According to the Tennessee Bar Association, this tort reform law restricts the amount of compensation that victims can receive in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

How common is a work-related auto accident?

For workers in Tennessee who earn their living driving, a work-related auto accident is a constant concern. Simply because most drivers operate their vehicles safely and within the law doesn't mean an accident can't happen. On the contrary, one of the most common ways in which a worker is injured or killed on the job is on the road in some capacity.

Accident investigation looks into cause of bus crash

Accidents are sometimes unavoidable in the streets of Davidson. They can happen for a multitude of reasons from a driver operating a vehicle under the influence to unforeseen circumstances or a reckless driver. Auto accidents don't discriminate. They can happen to anyone at any time and have the potential for serious injury and massive medical expenses if not an outright fatality. It's important to know how to move forward after an accident happens to protect oneself.

Child fractures leg while using defective IKEA swing

Many Nashville parents put a great deal of thought into their children's play areas, making every effort to ensure these are safe environments. When a play product contains a design or manufacturing defect that seriously injures a child, his or her parents can understandably be quite upset. Some may choose to pursue civil litigation against the product's manufacturer to ensure that no one else's child is injured by the same defect.

Motorcycle accident sends 2 to hospital for surgery

In Nashville, many people enjoy riding the open roads on their motorcycle. When they do so, they're trusting that other drivers -- many in vehicles that are much larger and with more protections -- will adhere to the rules of the road to avoid causing a motorcycle crash. It is the ideal that everyone will be safe on the road no matter what kind of vehicle they use, but that's not reality. Given the nature of a motorcycle, the riders are inordinately vulnerable to injury if there is a motorcycle accident.

Types of compensation for defective drug lawsuits

Many people in Tennessee understand that they can pursue a civil lawsuit if they are harmed by defective prescription drugs. However, we at Bart Durham Injury Law appreciate how difficult it can be for people in this position to deal with the civil litigation process while they are simultaneously trying to recover from their injuries. Often, a good first step is to gain a basic overall understanding of one component of such lawsuits, such as potential damages.

How to handle a brain injury suffered in an accident

When there is an accident in Nashville, one of the worst possible injuries short of fatal damage that a person can suffer is a head injury. Any head injury leaves the possibility that there will be a brain injury. With a brain injury, the consequences can be extensive with massive medical bills and the need for long-term care. Families who have a family member injured in this way might not know what they're up against until the medical expenses and other costs start rolling in. Only then do they see what can happen with a brain injury.

Dangers of a semi truck accident on the road

Trucks are a familiar sight in the landscape of Tennessee. These vehicles are an important part of commerce and employment across the country. They're so prevalent that it's easy to forget how dangerous they truly are and how much trust is put into the people who are operating these massive vehicles. The fact is that a semi truck accident has great potential to cause serious injuries and even death to drivers of other vehicles and bystanders. When learning the facts about how deadly these trucks can be, it's likely that other drivers will be more vigilant when they're in the vicinity.

Alleged distracted driver who caused fatal crash arrested

Many people in Nashville have a cellphone today. It's hard to remember a time when people weren't walking around with their telephone seemingly permanently attached to their hands with one eye on it and the other eye on what they're doing. However, the advent of smartphones with multiple capabilities has its drawbacks such as people texting and driving. There are constantly stories cropping up in the news of individuals causing an auto accident resulting in auto injury because they were using their phones while driving. Sometimes, these accidents result in fatalities.

What are the long and short term costs of a brain injury?

When a person in Tennessee suffers a brain injury, the first priority is to get the best care possible to try and minimize the long-term effects. That, however, tends to cost a lot of money. In addition to the care that a person with brain damage will require, the medical expenses can be astronomical. People frequently wonder what the costs are in both the long and short-terms. Gathering reputable information about brain injury can help a family prepare for the next step in their loved one's care.

Keeping legal options in mind in case of a motorcycle collision

For many in Tennessee, one of the joys in life is to go out onto the roadway on a motorcycle. Whether they're doing it as a weekend hobby with a group of friends or it's a way of life, they will say that there's nothing better than the freedom of riding down the road on their motorcycle. There are negatives to the hobby that are rarely considered amid the enjoyment, but are all too real. Even for experienced riders, there is always the potential for catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle collision. There could even be a fatal motorcycle crash.

What do you need to prove in a product liability case?

When people are harmed through the use of a defective product, they may choose to sue the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors responsible for bringing those dangerous items to market. If such a claim is brought in Tennessee, plaintiffs (the injured parties) must prove that the products were defective and that the defendants were responsible for them.

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