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Truck hits stalled car in Nashville, 2 injured

In a previous blog post, this blog discussed federal trucking regulations that prevented truck drivers from consuming alcohol on the job. These regulations also limited truck drivers' rights to drink before a shift and allowed truck companies to perform random drug and alcohol testing to ensure compliance with these regulations. These rules are important because they help to prevent serious -- and sometimes deadly -- truck accidents in Tennessee. With even simple mistakes, commercial trucks can cause severe damage to others on the road.

Legal investigations into transvaginal mesh defects are ongoing

At Bart Durham Injury Law, we are constantly monitoring product safety issues affecting the people of Nashville, and one of the matters we are currently investigating involves defective transvaginal mesh. At the moment, we are looking into claims against five different companies that manufactured this medical device.

Are truck drivers subject to drug and alcohol testing?

Tennessee drivers probably understand how dangerous drinking and driving can be. The news if often filled with stories of people who have suffered injuries because of drunk drivers. However, people may not realize that these dangers can be exacerbated by large trucks. Commercial trucks are dangerous by themselves, with a drunk truck driver they can be catastrophic. Tennessee residents may wonder if there are any measures in place to prevent truck drivers from driving under the influence.

Motorcycle licenses in Tennessee

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting way for Tennessee residents to get around. Not only are they fun, they are also fuel efficient, which helps keep peoples' fuel costs under control. However, motorcycles come with a certain amount of inherent risk. Since these vehicles are smaller and do not include an exterior frame, riders are much more likely to be injured. These injuries are often the result of the negligence of other drivers, but can also be caused by rider inexperience.

Nashville car accident sends 2 to hospital

Driving a car can be really dangerous. Therefore, car manufacturers and governments take precautions to help make drivers and passengers safer. Car companies do this by installing safety features like airbags and seat belts. State and local governments do this by setting speed limits and passing other safety regulations that all drivers should follow.

The role of the UCC’s warranties in product liability law

As explained by the Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, product liability law generally stems from two sources: common law and the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC’s implied warranties are particularly important in product liability suits, and these are codified in Tennessee’s code under sect. 47-2.

Get help after distracted drivers cause injuries

Tennessee drivers are often under immense pressure and time constraints today. People are expected to be constantly connected to and reachable. Smart phones have worsened the problem as more workplaces conduct business around the clock. Therefore, people can be tempted to attempt multi-tasking and use an electronic device while driving. These drivers are not only distracted, but they are negligent.

Alcohol and the effects on a driver

Driving a car can be dangerous and requires specific instruction and control. Even the best situations, people need to focus on driving and safely maneuvering the car. When drivers add alcohol to the mix, it becomes nearly impossible for people to drive as safely as they need to. And, as most people understand, the higher the blood alcohol content level, the more dangerous a driver is. For example, a person with a BAC level of .1 percent is seven times more likely to cause a car accident than a sober person.

What is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is often cited in news reports regarding auto defects and other safety problems relating to motor vehicles. Many of these safety issues affect those living in Nashville, so it is likely that the residents of the city would like to learn more about this federal agency and the methods by which it protects consumers. 

Study shows danger of texting while driving known, often ignored

While the vast majority of trips in a vehicle go smoothly, there is unfortunately inherent danger on the roadways. Vehicles traveling at high speeds, weather conditions and other variables can quickly increase the chances for an accident to occur. A more modern safety hazard that has been introduced to the driving experience is texting and while the dangers of doing so are obvious, a new study shows drivers are choosing to text anyway.

3 deaths, 100 injuries result from defective airbags

Most people in Nashville trust that, should an injury occur due to auto defects, it will come to the attention of the authorities and be dealt with swiftly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some situations recalls are not issued promptly, and as a result preventable injuries and deaths may occur.

What is a negligent driver?

This blog has frequently mentioned that negligent drivers can be held responsible for the damages they cause during an accident. However, people may wonder -- who exactly is a negligent driver? Under Tennessee law, a person -- including a driver -- is negligent when five elements are met.

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