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Pregnant Tennessee woman in coma with traumatic brain injury

Most Tennessee residents understand just how important the brain is to the rest of the body. The brain controls a person's ability to think and to reason, but also a person's ability to move and breathe. When the brain is damaged, the rest of the body cannot compensate for the loss.

Families of fatal product liability victims can receive damages

When a fatal product liability accident occurs, the relatives of the victim are often left to deal with many emotional and financial challenges. Wrongful death lawsuits offer an avenue with which these families can address these issues, as they can provide compensation for both financial injuries and emotional losses. At Bart Durham Injury Law, we help the families of Tennessee victims understand the details of wrongful death litigation so that they can make an informed decision on pursuing this legal option.

When car accidents involve pedestrians, we can help

Many people drive or ride in a car on a daily basis. With this much exposure to motor vehicles, it can be easy to forget just how dangerous these machines can be. With just one mistake, a car accident can be deadly. Thankfully, cars are equipped with many safety features to try and minimize this risk. These include airbags, warning systems, seatbelts, safety glass and more.

Consumers protected by many federal agencies

Consumer protection is an issue of national concern. As such, a number of federal agencies are charged with ensuring that products used by the public are free from dangerous defects. While there are many resources available through these government entities, Tennessee residents who would like to report defects may be confused about which one to contact. Below is a general overview of some of the major federal bodies that are involved in ensuring products are safe for public use.

Common signs that another driver may be drunk

In order to properly drive a car, people need to be able to properly focus their mind and use their body. Without complete control over both of these things, people can make devastating mistakes that lead to car accidents. When a Tennessee driver consumes alcohol before getting behind the wheel, the person risks losing both risks losing both mental and physical control. This makes drunk drivers extremely dangerous.

I-24 sees fatal truck accident involving 3 vehicles

This time of year many shipping companies are extra busy trying to handle all the gifts being sent around the country in time for the holiday season. Many of these gifts travel on large trucks in order to make it to their destination. This increased truck traffic can be dangerous, especially if drivers are fatigued or distracted.

What are common contributing factors in Tennessee car accidents?

Driving a car often takes skill and attention by drivers. Without with the right attention to detail a car accident is likely to occur. Negligent drivers are often the cause of car accidents because they failed to follow the rules, drive while distracted or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, these are not the only factors that contribute to car accidents in Tennessee. Residents may wonder what other factors contribute to car wrecks within the state.

Get all the facts before accepting injury reimbursements

The attorneys at Tennessee's Bart Durham Injury Law have over 75 years of experience in bringing product liability and other personal injury cases to trial. Because of this, we understand that many consumers who were injured as a result of using defective medical devices want to put the incident behind them as soon as possible. In many cases, however, it may be beneficial to refrain from signing any settlements or other claims documentation until you have enough information to make a well-informed decision on your legal options

Common causes of traumatic brain injuries

As this blog discussed in a recent post, it is often difficult for people to recover from traumatic brain injuries. Not only are the treatment options limited, but social services and other programs in Tennessee often can only provide limited amounts of help. For these reasons, it is important for people to understand exactly how traumatic brain injuries occur so that they can be avoided at all costs.

How are juries selected?

Juries play pivotal roles in many types of litigation, including wrongful death and product liability. Because of this, those who are considering such legal action likely wish to educate themselves on jury selection.

Traumatic brain injury victims find little community support

In a recent post, this blog explained that there is no one-size-fits-all cure for brain injuries. Instead, as the blog post explained, the treatment often depends on the exact injury and how severe it was. In many cases, extensive rehabilitation is necessary for victims of traumatic brain injuries to relearn everyday skills.

What are the treatments for traumatic brain injury?

Tennessee residents likely understand the importance of the human brain. Without a properly functioning brain, people have a very hard time living a normal life. The brain is in control of every other organ, as it regulates body temperature and breathing, it also coordinates your ability to move, imagine and reason. With even mild damage, a brain injury can change a person's life.

6 fingertip amputations tied to defect in Graco strollers

Nashville is a beautiful city, and many young couples enjoy the scenery by taking walks together with their children, pushing them along in strollers. Should it be discovered that these strollers have design and manufacturing defects that put children's safety at risk, parents who regularly use these products understandably want the issue addressed immediately.

Don't let a motorcycle accident ruin your financial future

In a recent blog post, this blog explained the types of motorcycle licenses available in Tennessee. That blog post explained that these licenses help to keep motorcyclists safe by ensuring that they are limited to the type of motorcycles they are capable of riding. While these safety measures go a long way in helping motorcyclists, they cannot protect riders from other dangers on the roads.

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