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Defect in GM vehicles could have been fixed for under $1 each

Fatal auto defect accidents can result in some of the most emotionally wrenching types of product liability cases, especially when official investigations show that an auto manufacturer could have easily prevented these tragic incidents. The attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law have seen many Tennessee residents through these types of ordeals and know firsthand how difficult it can be to deal with the emotional and financial effects of an auto defect. Some of the worst cases of fatal auto defect cases we have seen in recent years involved GM’s faulty ignition keys and switches. 

Safety features and head injuries in car accidents

When people get in a car, they are likely not thinking about all the safety features that are present to help keep them safe. Instead, they are thinking about their own busy lives, how to get to their destination or about what they will do when they get there. But, even when people aren't thinking about them, safety features are present in modern vehicles that help to keep people safe in case of an accident.

Wrong-way drunk driving accident kills 1, injures 1

The reckless actions of one person have the ability to affect many. When someone chooses to get behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink, the consequences can be deadly. Sadly, innocent people are often the victims of these negligent, drunk drivers.

Holding negligent parties responsible in drunk driving accidents

While people may think of drunk driving as a criminal matter, it has a civil component as well. When someone is injured in a drunk driving accident, that person has the right to sue for damages. These damages could include property damages, but also damages for medical expenses, lost wages, the cost of rehabilitation or other expenses caused by the accident. A person may also be entitled to pain and suffering when involved in a drunk driving accident.

Understanding strict liability

According to Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, many product liability cases fall under the category of strict liability offenses. Because of this, those who are considering pursuing a product liability lawsuit in Tennessee may wish to gain a better understanding of how strict liability functions in the context of civil litigation involving a design or manufacturing defect.

NHTSA sends message to auto industry with $70 million fine

Certain government entities are tasked with ensuring the safety of the products used by consumers in Nashville and around the country. It is pivotal that these agencies collect accurate, timely data on defective products so that they can quickly inform the public of any potential dangers. When it becomes apparent that a business failed to report dangerous defects in their products, federal safety agencies may issue severe penalties in order to send a message to the rest of the industry.

Drunk driving liability and Tennessee dram shop laws

Despite the dangers of drunk driving, some Tennessee residents continue to ignore the risks. They get behind the wheel of their cars and drive after having too much to drink. This type of negligent behavior can wreak havoc on others on the roadway. Drunk drivers are likely to cause serious drunk driving accidents as they struggle to keep their cars under control. When this happens, victims can suffer serious injuries or even death. The financial and emotional repercussions of drunk driving accidents may leave accident victims searching for legal recourse.

What safety equipment is required for motorcycles in Tennessee?

Motorcycle accidents are all too common in Tennessee. While people enjoying riding motorcycles, these two wheeled vehicles provide very little protection. The best protection people can hope for, is that the drivers around them are paying attention to the roadway and looking for motorcycles. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Many times, other drivers are not paying attention, are distracted or otherwise negligent. Therefore, motorcyclists are put at risk of motorcycle accidents.

We can help Tennessee truck accident victims

Tennessee commercial trucks and tractor trailers are a key part of the nation's economy. This is due to their important role of transporting goods from manufacturer to consumer around the United States. However, commercial trucks and tractor trailers are some of the largest vehicles on the road today. This can mean catastrophic consequences for people traveling in passenger vehicles when something goes wrong out on the road.

Tennessee brain injury statistics, according to the CDC

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a condition affecting the brain after a Tennessee injury. All age groups, sexes and ethnicities are at risk for TBI. Statistically, some demographics are at higher risk to suffer a head injury than others. The leading cause of traumatic brain injury leading to hospitalization is motor vehicle accidents.

Which laws grant authority and enforcement power to the CPSC?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, as its name suggests, is an agency that protects American consumers. As is explained in the agency’s “About CPSC” section, this federal body is responsible for monitoring products that could contain product defects involving electrical, fire, chemical or mechanical hazards. A number of federal laws provide the CPSC with the authority and enforcement power it needs to monitor consumer products. 

What are the basic rules of the road in Tennessee?

A variety of cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles can be found on any given Tennessee roadway. These vehicles are filled with people trying to get from one place to another in a timely manner. In order for that to happen safely, everyone must follow the basic rules of the road. If these rules are not followed, people are at an increased risk of car accidents. In some cases, people may question what the basic rules for driving in Tennessee really are.

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