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Holding Tennessee truck companies responsible for truck accidents

Truck drivers in Tennessee and throughout the country bear a responsibility to ensure that the vehicle they are operating is safe, and they are adhering to the rules of the road. The drivers, along with their employers, need to make certain that others are not placed in danger for the multitude of issues that can arise. There are federal trucking regulations that must be followed, the proper maintenance of the truck itself and the rules of the road that need to be taken seriously. If there is a truck accident, these factors will undoubtedly come to the forefront as it is investigated.

Woman who lost husband in fatal car accident seeks help

While most drivers in Tennessee are cautious on the road and take care not to endanger themselves and other drivers, there is always the risk of a car collision. When there is a car accident, it is imperative that those involved stop and make certain the other drivers are not hurt and the insurance information can be exchanged. Unfortunately, some drivers do not follow the law when it comes to stopping after an accident, compounding the incident. People who have been affected need to know what to do in an accident's aftermath if it is a hit and run.

What is involved in a medical device recall?

Medical device recalls are often discussed in the Nashville media, but it is not always clear from these reports what a recall actually involves. In fact, there are many aspects of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s recall process that the public may find surprising.

What are facts and dangers of being a distracted driver?

In Tennessee and throughout the country, there are many ways in which attention can be diverted from the road. Even if it's for a split second, that small time frame can mean the difference between avoiding a car accident or being injured or killed in one. While some might believe that those who are behaving as a distracted driver or texting and driving are asking for their fate, it's not just the person who is ignoring the road that is affected by these incidents. Innocent people on the road can be hurt and the information regarding distracted driving is so important that everyone needs to understand how dangerous it can be.

G.M. executives, attorneys to be deposed

It can feel intimidating for Nashville residents to pursue wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits against major companies. However, products liability laws provide certain protections to consumers, and these are applicable against small and large companies alike. In fact, sometimes a single lawsuit can force huge corporations to take responsibility for their wrongdoings. In such cases, even executives and high-level employees are not exempt from answering for their negligent actions. 

What complications can result from a brain injury?

A person in Davidson who suffers a brain injury will have a great deal to handle in its aftermath. Any kind of head injury can be serious, but when there is brain trauma, it's not just a matter of going to the hospital to be treated as if it is a broken bone or a cut. There are numerous complications that can arise making a full recovery difficult. In some instances, it's impossible and the victim will require long-term care to function.

Nashville motorcycle accident kills one, injures another

Motorcyclists are a common sight on the road in Nashville. Any motorcycle rider will say that he or she rides the bike because of the excitement that accompanies it. There's a certain amount of freedom on a motorcycle that many will say they can't replace. That, however, doesn't eliminate the dangers inherent with being so vulnerable out on the road. Sometimes the dangers come from other drivers, the weather or recklessness. In some incidents, damage on the road leads to the crash. Regardless, it's important to know how and why a motorcycle accident happened and what to do in its aftermath.

Legal options available for victims of auto defects

The attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law have over 75 years of experience in motor vehicle injury cases. In this time we have seen many different types of injuries, caused by various car defects.

How truck companies might contribute to truck driver fatigue

The roads of Nashville are often permeated by large trucks. These vehicles are important because they transfer goods throughout the state and across the country. In addition, truckers are, for the most part, hard-working people who follow the law and adhere to the rules set out to promote safety for themselves and everyone they encounter on the road. However, there are instances in which drivers will be on the road in violation of federal trucking regulations and be too tired to drive safely. If companies are exerting pressure on drivers to violate the law, there are increased risks for the drivers and everyone else.

Drunk driving penalties in Tennessee

For many people, one of the scariest things that they can experience is a dangerous car accident. These accidents can happen so suddenly that people are often powerless to stop them. Even those that are driving safely and defensively can fall victim to a dangerous car accident.

Understanding class action lawsuits

Product liability cases often involve large groups of injured victims. As such, class action lawsuits are often used to pursue claims against the manufacturers and distributors responsible for defective products. Tennessee residents hurt by dangerous drugs may wish to learn more about pursuing compensation through class action litigation.

What are the costs associated with brain injuries?

The brain is one of the most important organs in the entire human body. Without the brain, people wouldn't be able to talk, move or function. It is essential for human life. However, the brain is susceptible to injury. While the skull provides some protection, a bad fall, a birth injury or a car accident can all lead to a traumatic brain injury and brain damage.

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