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Tennessee teens are most at risk for fatal car accidents

In Tennessee, there is a graduated driver’s license program that addresses young and novice motorists. As these drivers are developing their skills, they are able to gain hands-on experience in a controlled environment. According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, teenagers younger than 18 go through three phases of safe driving practices that require a clean record as well as the participation of a parent or legal guardian.

Motorcycle accident victims can recover compensation

In the minds of most drivers, motor vehicle accidents are not a serious concern. The fact is that such accidents are relatively rare considering how many people get behind the wheel of a car every day, so the likelihood of actually being in an accident is low. The chances of being in a serious, life-changing accident are even lower because some accidents simply involve minor bruises or dents in the vehicles. Victims of these accidents likely feel that pursuing legal action would be more trouble than it is worth.

Who is responsible for an automotive defect in Tennessee?

Every year, millions of vehicles on the road in Tennessee and across the country have defects. According to a report in The Detroit News, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cited that a record 63.95 million motor vehicles were recalled in 2014.

Young girl killed in Tennessee accident

An accident occurred recently in Tennessee that further proves that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Many people think that accidents could never happen to them and that they drive extremely safely, so there is no risk of injury or harm coming to them. In a perfect world, perhaps that would be the case, but you truly never can tell when another driver is going to make a mistake that could prove fatal.

What should I do if a defective medical device harms me?

There are many situations in which a medical device may be recalled, but it may not necessarily have caused you harm. For example, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration points out, some defective products merely need to be reviewed or adjusted so that it works properly.

What damages are available in a defective medical device lawsuit?

Tennessee law enables you to file a lawsuit if you suffer an injury due to a defective medical device. Examples of defective devices often featured in these lawsuits include items such as implants, surgical instruments and prosthetics. State law mandates that these suits are filed within a year of the date of the incident that caused the injury. Therefore, you should act quickly if you believe that a product defect led to the incident.

Don't settle for less compensation than you deserve

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you likely have many questions, not the least of which could be how you are going to pay for the expensive health care bills you will incur as a result of the crash. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, being struck while riding a motorcycle is one of the worst-case scenarios for any person. In most cases, an injured motorcyclist is lucky to escape with his or her life.

When drugs are unavoidably unsafe

It may sound odd, but there are medications in Tennessee and across the country that have serious side effects and are still on the market because they are considered “unavoidably unsafe.” When it comes to product liability, the Restatement Second of Torts states that these medications may not be subject to defective drug lawsuits.

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