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Tour bus crash vs. successful beer delivery by self-driving truck: A juxtaposition for our time

On one hand, there's the news of one of the worst crashes in recent memory in late October, involving a tour bus, where more than a dozen people lost their lives and many others were seriously injured. On the other, there's the news of Uber's self-driving truck, which made the two-hour trip to deliver 50,000 cases of beer without incident.

The need for speed

Speed. It seems to be something we all crave. We ride roller coasters that hurl us down twisting and winding tracks so fast the wind whips us in the face, our adrenaline kicks in (unsure if our bodies are about to experience a traumatic injury) and when the ride is over we beg for more. Granted, most of those rides strap us in with heavy-duty safety harnesses (especially if they spin upside down) and there is no other oncoming traffic that could put us in danger of collision. However, park safety issues aside, the point is the same-it seems to be human nature to take such thrilling risks, even on the roadways.

5 ways to stay out of motorcycle wrecks

There's no denying it: Motorcycles are cool. From the unmistakable sound of a revving engine to the iconic leather jacket and sunglasses you can outfit yourself in, bikers know that cruising around town, out in the country or down the highway on a road trip is infinitely more stylish and fun than getting from place to place in a car, truck or - gasp! - a minivan.

What makes rear-end collisions so common?

One moment you are sitting in traffic and the next someone hits your car and you are propelled into the vehicle in front of you. The crash was completely out of your control and now you might have to pay for damages? Rear-end collisions happen every day and are the most common type of car accident. So why do these frustrating accidents happen so often?

National Teen Driver Safety Week

Parenting an adolescent is challenging, especially when they begin to drive. Teens are excited to have a new found freedom and it's one more step towards being an independent adult. Unfortunately, no matter how much behind the wheel training they have, teens are still inexperienced drivers and can make poor judgment calls or serious mistakes only an experienced driver would know to avoid. This inexperience makes motor vehicle crashes the leading cause of death for children aged 16 to 19 years-old.

6 Trick-or-Treating Tips For a Safer Halloween

41.2 million goblins, ghosts, superheros, and princesses went trick-or-treating on Halloween in 2015. It's a time for both adults and children to dress up, get outside, make memories and have some fun. It can, however, be a dangerous night out if safety isn't top-of-mind.

Multi-Car accidents can be complicated

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 6,296,000 crashes in the U.S. in 2015, meaning almost 719 crashes every single minute. Of these crashes, 27% (1,715,000) involved injuries and 0.5% (32,166) involved a fatality. Anytime there are deaths, injuries, or significant damages, the chances of litigation go up.

8 hazards that can lead to serious child injuries

Now that autumn is upon us and children are back at school, parents may breathe a sigh of relief. Kids can get into all kinds of dangerous situations with lots of time on their hands and without the structure - and relative safety - of school.

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