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Bicycle helmet cameras can provide many benefits for cyclists

Bicycle helmet cameras provide a lot of benefits to cyclists. They can review their rides, relive all the breathtaking views, and have trophy for their most difficult rides. These helmet cameras can also be very helpful when it comes to the cyclist's safety and protection.

Reviewing ride footage can help prepare cyclists for future rides

Reviewing past rides can be more useful than just watching the scenery. If a cyclist is going to be attempting a new ride, watching another cyclist's footage could help familiarize them with the terrain and help them prepare for the level of difficulty of the ride. They can also review their past rides to see how they can improve their technique and prepare for difficult hills or blind turns. If there was a section of the ride that was particularly difficult, reviewing their ride can help them prepare for that section the next time they ride so that they can stay safe and avoid motorists.


Ride footage can help prove liability when incidents occur with motorists

Sharing the road with motorists can be dangerous. Cyclists are often victims of roadway incidents whether they're accidents or the product of road rage. Riding with a helmet camera can be beneficial in determining liability if an incident occurs. In 2017, a cyclist was struck by motorist riding on the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee. Fortunately the cyclist was okay but the driver didn't stop after hitting him. Luckily his fellow rider was wearing a helmet camera and recorded the whole incident. Because of this footage, the driver was found and charged for hitting the cyclist.

Unfortunately, not all motorists know the laws around cycling. Some see cyclists riding on the road as an inconvenience and get frustrated when they have to slow down until they're able to safely pass. This frustration has caused several instances of road rage towards cyclists even though they are following the law. If an incident occurs, having a helmet camera can prove the liability of the driver. Sometimes even just seeing that a cyclist is wearing a helmet camera may discourage drivers from an altercation.


Footage may help a cyclist contest a wrongful ticket or fine

The footage from these cameras can also be helpful if the cyclist is given a ticket or a citation for riding on a walkway or not obeying traffic laws. If they were fined for violating a traffic law but were doing so for safety reasons, they may be able to contest this fine. If there is road construction obstructing the bike path or roadway, having this footage could help show why it was necessary for them to be riding on the sidewalk.

Whether cycling is someone's hobby or main form of transportation, riding with a helmet camera is always a good practice. We never want an incident to occur, but in the case one does happen, these cameras help cyclists prove liability and could even help prevent future incidents.

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