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Can you tell if you have bad brake pads?

Modern brake pads use friction to slow and stop your car. When you press the pedal, the pads themselves make contact and reduce the speed. This means that they slowly wear down over time and need to be replaced.

This leaves you open to some risks. If your brake pads wear down too far, they can become less effective. If you get a defective set when you have yours changed out, they may not work as well as you need them to. How can you tell if they're not working properly?

First of all, you may notice a reduction in performance. The brakes feel rather loose. When you press the pedal down, the car does not slow down as quickly as you're used to. You may have to press much harder than usual to get a response.

This can become dangerous. At highway speeds, every second counts. If you need to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident and they do not respond well or do not slow your vehicle down properly, you could get seriously injured.

Another key factor to look for is excessive noise when braking. If you hear a grinding sound or a high-pitched squealing, it's a red flag. This is usually the first thing people notice when the pads wear thin and need to be replaced. Do not just turn up the radio and ignore it. It's time to talk to a mechanic.

It's also important to take action if the brake pedal pulsates when you push down on it. This could mean that your pads are worn down unevenly. They may have been installed improperly, or you may have gotten a defective set of brakes that were not even to begin with.

If you do get injured in an accident when your brakes fail, you must know what legal steps to take to seek compensation from the companies responsible.

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