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Posts tagged "Fatal Accidents"

Study: Number of motorcycle accident deaths keeps climbing

Some weeks ago, this blog covered efforts in the Tennessee legislature to do away with the state's helmet laws, at least for riders over age 21. That effort later failed in the legislature, after critics argued that the move would lead to more fatal motorcycle accidents and serious injuries.

Nashville man killed in rock musician's DUI crash

Nashville's music media have been covering the ongoing fall-out from a fatal traffic accident involving the bass player for the rock band 3 Doors Down. After the alcohol related accident near Nashville, the band cancelled at least four concerts, including one that had been scheduled for May 4 in Nashville. The bass player also has entered rehab for treatment of drug and alcohol problems after being released from jail following his arrest.

Fatal Nashville motorcycle accident reveals dangers

Longtime Tennessee motorcyclists are probably well aware of the problems that come with sharing the road with cars and trucks. The drivers of bigger vehicles sometimes seem to have a hard time seeing two-wheeled vehicles like motorcycles, and the result is often a motorcycle accident - and all too often a fatal one.

Nashville-area high school coach killed in car accident

Students and staff at a Nashville-area high school were devastated late last month by the news that a beloved coach and teacher had been killed in a traffic accident. Compounding the tragedy, police said the other driver in the car accident was a student at the school.

Fatal DUI accident in Tennessee ends with guilty plea by driver

Unfortunately, the victims and their family members of many Tennessee residents involved in car crashes are left with debilitating injuries, extremely costly medical bills, and even the loss of loved ones. In DUI accidents, the criminal penalties imposed on the drunk driver often seen minor compared to the losses and injury suffered by the people affected by the crash. Fortunately, there are legal mechanisms outside of the criminal justice system that can help victims and their families pursue some level of compensation for the losses suffered.

Victim of fatal truck accident in Rutherford identified

The officials of the Tennessee Highway Patrol have identified the victim of a fatal truck accident, which occurred in Rutherford County. The victim has been identified as a 41-year-old resident of Columbia, Tennessee. The truck accident occurred in the morning.

Fatal accident reported in Franklin, Tennessee

A motorcyclist was killed in Franklin, Tennessee in Williamson County; a southern suburb of Nashville. According to the police report, the victim's motorcycle was hit head-on. The victim, a resident of Lynchburg, was taken to Williamson Medical Center after the accident, where he was declared dead. The police suspect that this may be an alcohol-related accident.

Alleged drunk driver in Memphis crash causes fatality

A 22-year-old man spotted two cars that had stopped in the right lane of Interstate 240 and made a quick turn to avoid hitting the vehicles. However, the car right behind him collided right into the stopped cars. According to police reports, the incident is being considered a drunk driving accident.

Drunk driving accident leaves one Tennessee woman dead

Stopping for any reason along a highway or interstate is dangerous. When it's dark, however, it's especially dangerous as drivers of other vehicles may have difficulty seeing stalled vehicles. One Tennessee woman was recently killed in a drunk driving accident when the driver of vehicle in which she was a passenger stopped to assist the driver of a stalled vehicle along Tennessee Interstate 240.

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