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Four reasons you should go to the doctor after a car accident

Even a minor car accident can be scary. Adrenaline is pumping and your car may have damage. Most importantly, you could be injured. So, what's next? If you've been in a car accident, you shouldn't hesitate to go to a doctor as soon as possible. Here's why.

G.M. executives, attorneys to be deposed

It can feel intimidating for Nashville residents to pursue wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits against major companies. However, products liability laws provide certain protections to consumers, and these are applicable against small and large companies alike. In fact, sometimes a single lawsuit can force huge corporations to take responsibility for their wrongdoings. In such cases, even executives and high-level employees are not exempt from answering for their negligent actions. 

Legal options available for victims of auto defects

The attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law have over 75 years of experience in motor vehicle injury cases. In this time we have seen many different types of injuries, caused by various car defects.

Defect in GM vehicles could have been fixed for under $1 each

Fatal auto defect accidents can result in some of the most emotionally wrenching types of product liability cases, especially when official investigations show that an auto manufacturer could have easily prevented these tragic incidents. The attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law have seen many Tennessee residents through these types of ordeals and know firsthand how difficult it can be to deal with the emotional and financial effects of an auto defect. Some of the worst cases of fatal auto defect cases we have seen in recent years involved GM’s faulty ignition keys and switches. 

GM's inadequate recall process leads to scrutiny of CarMax

New cars can be prohibitively expensive, especially for Nashville residents who are on a strict budget. Because of this, many people choose to buy used vehicles from dealerships that advertise thorough safety inspections. If it is discovered that these retailers are not providing the safety measures they claim, consumer groups, legislators and federal safety agencies may try to address the problem through public awareness efforts and legislation.

In wake of G.M. recall, NHTSA faces criticism

The United States is home to many car manufacturing companies that sell both within the country and internationally. Nashville residents probably feel quite secure in the fact that, in the event that some vehicles are found to have a dangerous defect such as a defective airbag or seatbelt, federal agencies will step in to ensure that these issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. When there are allegations that both a prolific car manufacturer and a federal safety agency did not meet up to consumers' safety expectations, it can bring on a flurry of lawsuits.

13 deaths caused by defective airbags in GM vehicles

When a recall is issued by a major American car manufacturer it can be very alarming for consumers, including those in Nashville. If the recall involves the potential for a serious injury or a wrongful death, it becomes even more imperative that the affected vehicles are quickly removed from use and repaired. For those who have been injured by a car defect like a defective airbag, civil litigation may be an option to consider. These types of lawsuits can help victims win compensation to cover medical expenses or disabilities caused by use of the defective vehicle.

Arguments begin in case against Toyota in wrongful death suit

Millions of people either drive or ride in a vehicle every day, including tens of thousands of people in the Nashville area. Although the majority of vehicles on the road are safe to drive, there are some cars and trucks that unfortunately have defects. When one of these auto defects causes someone to be hurt or even killed, sometimes the auto manufacturer can be at fault.

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